The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

Where is YOUR Parish Going?

Bishop Marcus celebrated the opening Mass at the Catholic Parish Summit which ran from 12 to 14 June in Harrogate Convention Centre. Our Clergy Correspondent ‘View from the Valley’ attended this international conference and has sent in a report…

 Where is YOUR parish going?

That’s the question that has been posed to almost 800 people from over 200 parishes and 19 different countries this week in Harrogate.

The Catholic Parish Summit was organised by ‘Divine Renovation’, a movement which, like the Bishop’s ‘From Parish to Mission’ initiative, aims to help to kick-start and support priests and parishes on their journey ‘From Maintenance to Mission’.

Inspiring headline speakers, informative ‘breakout groups’, and the many conversations over coffee have helped conference members to start, continue or share their own journeys.

Supported by the Bishops’ conference, the Summit has seen the same bishops – including our own – gather round the altar for the daily Mass and all these Masses, in the conference auditorium, have been most moving.

More than 30 people from our own diocese attended, many of them helping on the conference team. For the dozen or so Leeds priests present, this conference has been a natural and helpful extension to the vision given to us by Mgr John Armitage at our own Presbyteral Conference in May.

Bishop Marcus’s vision that we move ‘From Parish to Mission’ was launched in 2019 and since May 2021 has been augmented by Pope Francis’ ‘Synodal Listening’. This conference is yet another building block in the ‘pastoral conversion of Parish communities’. As one priest said, ‘Leeds leads in so many ways. May God make us leaders in parish evangelisation.’

Bishop Marcus and Deacon Martin Fenlon at the opening Mass

Delegates from Education and Youth



We look forward to hearing – and publishing – the advice and suggestions which resulted from this event!