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Bishop Offers First Requiem Mass for Predecessors

11th November 2017

Bishop Offers First Requiem Mass for Predecessors Bishop Offers First Requiem Mass for Predecessors Bishop Offers First Requiem Mass for Predecessors
A congregation of all ages, numbering between 70 and 100, attended the Requiem Mass in the Extraordinary Form offered on 11th November by Bishop Marcus for all the Bishops of Leeds who have predeceased him.
There has been a great deal of positive feedback from people who attended the Mass.  Neil Walker, Latin Mass Society representative for the Diocese of Leeds who served at the Mass writes: 
It was an incredibly edifying and moving occasion in the Cathedral on Saturday when for the first time in many years a Bishop of Leeds offered Mass according to books of 1962 in his own cathedral. Bishop Stock had requested that he celebrate this Mass for his late predecessors having presided at a Mass for Bishop Wheeler a couple of years ago from the cathedra.
This was the first public Mass offered by Bishop Stock and it flowed beautifully. Fr Michael Hall, who was the Assistant Priest, had tutored the bishop over recent months and the bishop's attention to detail and impeccable preparations were most touching. The diocese has no tunicle and dalmatic to go under the bishop's chasuble but the bishop provided his own along with a copy of the Pontifical Canon.
Fr Abberton acted as deacon  and Canon Wiley was the subdeacon. Mgr Moger attended in white choir and other clergy were present in the congregation.
The schola gregoriana provided the music under the direction of Mike Murphy and they executed the Requiem Mass and absolution followed by Help Lord the Souls with great solemnity.
The servers were well aware of their duties and carried out their duties with care and aplomb.
Thanks to everyone who played some part in this Mass which ultimately gave great honour to Almighty God.
Bishop Marcus will be conferring the Sacrament of Confirmation at a Mass in the Extraordinary Form at 7 pm on Thursday, 23rd November at St Joseph's, Bradford.   ALL are welcome!