The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

Parish Corpus Christi Procession in Blessed Beeston!

On a very warm afternoon the good people of Beeston gathered from both churches and schools to participate in the very first Corpus Christi Procession in the Parish of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Leeds.

Fr Timothy Whitwell thanked all who were present for their generosity and goodwill amidst the blistering heat.

Lisa Leonard, the Head Teacher from Saint Anthony’s Catholic Primary School and Vera Snejberkova-Taylor from Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School helped the Parish Priest in the planning of the Procession and all were equally proud of the pupils, staff and parishioners alike.

Young people from both parish schools and churches served with such dedication and some children who had recently made their first Holy Communion were all suitably well attired.

Today’s first Parish Corpus Christi Procession was well received by members of the public and the local Police helped in keeping everyone safe as the procession wended its way from Saint Anthony’s School to Saint Francis’s School.

The Procession began at St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School in Beeston

A Police escort kept everyone safe on the roads!

Parish Priest Fr Timothy Whitwell reverently carries the Blessed Sacrament through the streets

The Procession ended with Benediction in the grounds of St Francis’ Catholic Primary School

All the photographs taken by Patrick Sice are available to view and purchase via his website.

… and here’s a really well-shot video of the event on St Anthony’s School YouTube Channel!

St MK - June 2024 - Corpus Christi Procession - Order of Service

Thanks to Fr Timothy, the parishioners, both schools and the local police, a once widespread Catholic tradition of Corpus Christi Processions through the streets has been resurrected – and may it long continue!