The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

Journeying Together from Parish to Mission: the Journey begins!

A large number of parishioners have already responded to the Bishop’s and the Holy Father’s call!

Fr Martin Kelly and his Team now have many willing and able volunteers from each of our parishes; and this Sunday 17 October they will be officially commissioned by Bishop Marcus at Leeds Cathedral as facilitators in our Diocesan ‘Synodal Listening Process’, From Parish to Mission. The Mass, which is at 11am and will as usual be livestreamed on YouTube via, will mark the opening of Pope Francis’ ‘Synodal Process’ throughout the world.

On two consecutive Saturdays this month (16 and 23 October), our volunteers will attend day-long training sessions at Hinsley Hall. The Jesuits in Britain are generously giving their time and expertise to help equip every volunteer with the necessary skills and assist in identifying which of the three distinct roles within each group of facilitators will best suit them.

During the training, each of these groups of three will be assigned three or four parishes and dates for the listening sessions which will take place in every parish between the beginning of November and the end of the second week in December.

These open meetings will be attended by lay faithful from our Catholic homes, schools and parishes, and by their parish clergy. Priests and people together will be asked in a spirit of cooperation and prayer to engage with a series of questions sent out on behalf of Pope Francis. To ensure they will be able to attend their own parish sessions and fully contribute to the open conversation, the volunteers will not be asked to facilitate any meetings in their own parishes.

All are encouraged to use the meetings to listen prayerfully to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit; to listen carefully to one another; and to dare to dream out loud as we not only share our considered and constructive thoughts on how to live our faith most fully, but also how we can share the Good News with others.

Those who are currently lapsed, or feel to be marginalised or outside the Church for whatever reason will also be warmly welcomed as equal contributors and companions on Our Journey Together.

You can read an introduction to From Parish to Mission here:

Or visit our new P2M webpage which will be going live from 17 October:

You can also contact Fr Martin and his Team via, or consult your Parish Priest and Parish Bulletin for information and dates of the meetings in your own parish.

If you can’t attend one of the open meetings in your parish, there will be opportunity to contribute online via your own Parish Website or via the diocesan P2M web page.