The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

Young Parishioner’s Prize Prayer

A young parishioner of St Joseph’s, Castleford has won a prize in a national competition to compose a prayer.

Ellie-Louise is 12 and attends St Wilfrid’s School. She was encouraged to enter the 2020 National Prayer Composition Competition (which is sponsored by the Knights of St Columba) by her Parish Priest who is Provost John Aveyard, and by Provincial Grand Knight, Kevin Collins.

Ellie-Louise was runner-up in the competition to write a prayer of no more than 150 words – and she was the only northerner to be placed, with first and third prizes going to young Londoners from the Westminster Diocese.

At this time when we are all so much in need of prayer, Ellie-Louise’s words, though written from the standpoint of a young person, may resonate with us all …

Heavenly Father,

From the day I was born you have always been by my side,
guarding me through every moment of every day,
watching over me with tender loving care.

As I grow, and by the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
I ask that you fill my heart and my mind with all that is good,
with all that is kind and with all that is truthful.

Then filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit,
may I be filled with empathy and understanding towards others,
with strength and courage always to stand up for what I believe to be right and just.

In my young life, if ever I’m in danger, in trouble, or afraid,
then I’m certain I will always be able to call upon God’s help,
the God who loves us, who cares for us and who keeps us safe every moment of every day.



Ellie-Louise’s parish of St Joseph’s in Castleford is fast gaining quite a literary reputation; for a wise yet light-hearted weekly look at life and faith, check out the Parish Bulletin for ‘Fr John Writes’ …!