The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

Neighbourly Help in a Time of Need

Three properties in quiet corner of Headingley combine to form a focal point in the life of the Diocese of Leeds – Bishop’s House, Hinsley Hall and Mount St Joseph’s. Over the course of the past twenty years or more they have become good neighbours in all sorts of ways. Recently this neighbourly feeling was given practical expression when Bishop Marcus authorised a donation of £10,000 from the Diocese to the Little Sisters of the Poor to help with the cost of providing essential Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for the staff at Mount SJoseph’s Home as they deal with the demands of the  Covid-19 situation. 

Previously the Sisters were helped by the efforts of the Design and Technology department at Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College in Leeds, who have been using the college’s workshops to produce 150 PPE masks a dayThey donated some of these to St Gemma’s Hospice and Mount St Joseph’s.   

In response to Bishop Marcus’ initiative the Sisters said, “We are extremely grateful for the generous financial donation which the Diocese recently contributed towards the cost of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), here at Mount St Josephs.  We appreciate any help we receive; particularly at this difficult time when we are incurring additional unexpected costs, and our means of fund-raising such as parish appeals, store collections and events have had to be cancelled.  We are working hard to keep our residents safe and well and this contribution has been a great help”.  The Sisters also said that they are carrying the whole community and Diocese in their prayers at this difficult time. 

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