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Guidance & Policy Statements

Model policies from the Catholic Education Service

The following policies are available on the Catholic Education Service website.  You can downloaded the policies and tailor them to your individual school or academy.

The website is

Grievance Procedures
Capability Procedures
Complaints Procedures
Performance Management Policy
Disciplinary Policy
Sickness Absence Policy
Staffing Review and Redundancy Procedure
Headteacher Mentoring - Federations
Building Fund - Building Fund News

Admissions Policies

Model Admissions Policy - Primary 2017
Model Admissions Policy - Secondary 2017

Supplementary Information Form 2017

Admission Letter to Headteachers' Nov 2015


Formation in Faith

Formation in Faith PDF Download

Download CES - Position paper on Catholic Schools

The purpose of this paper is to set out the position of the Catholic Church on education in the context of a multi-cultural society.

Primary Schools

Walking Bus

CES - Contracts for staff in Catholic Schools
Personnel Procedures


Staffing Policy
Person Specification / Selection Criteria