The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

Sacramental Preparation

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The Catholic Church recognises seven Sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, the Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony. Sacraments are particular encounters with the loving Gift of God’s Grace celebrated through liturgy.

The primary sacrament for all Christians is Baptism which unites the individual with the Body of Christ, the Church. The Catholic Church recognises all Christian baptism provided it has been correctly administered.


For children and young people in the Diocese of Leeds sacramental preparation is usually organised by the parish with the support of the local Catholic primary school.  Please contact your local parish priest or school for further information, or click here to explore our diocesan resources for parents and catechists.

For adults the path to receive all of the Sacraments of Initiation, or to be received into full communion with the Cathoic Church, is through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA): this is a journey of preparation leading to a celebration which takes place usually at the Easter Vigil. For further information, please click here.

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