The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Call to Action

To follow through in practical engagement the Gospel challenge to serve the Lord in our neighbours.     

When in September 2017 Bishop Marcus launched our Diocesan Caritas he said that:

‘Through the establishment of Caritas Leeds, we will give a visible and co-ordinated expression to the Church’s ministry of charity that is exercised by the many Catholic groups that operate within the Diocese of Leeds’. Caritas Leeds will help the Church in our Diocese ‘make the best possible use of the human, material and spiritual resources available to us’. He added that ‘we will be inspired by the values of the Gospel, by Catholic Social Teaching, the primacy of the ‘common good’, respect of human dignity and the preferential option for the poor and those in need’. He concluded by saying that ‘Caritas Leeds will enable us to coordinate more effectively our response as a diocesan community to the needs of children and of families; of the elderly; of the increasing plight of the homeless; of refugees; of victims of human trafficking; and, of those trapped in modern-day slavery’. 

Through study, reflection and discussion on Catholic Social Teaching you can apply the message and meaning of these teachings to your life and to society. This is often best done in a group as through mutual support and sensitive challenging, we can be encouraged to act on this message of love.  

The social teaching of the Church and renewed attention to the Word of God can broaden our understanding of the mission of Jesus and therefore of the Church. That mission is proclaiming in word and deed the reign of God – God’s redeeming and liberating action – the goal of which is to reconcile and free all humankind.  

There is a very effective and tried and tested model of reflection to action:


This method can support and empower people to become aware of the fact that, in faith, the world’s hungry and homeless, the victims of injustice and religious persecution, are not merely issues up for discussion; they are our sisters and brothers in need of our love.

Caritas Westminster have developed some excellent materials to help in putting Call to Action through a programme called ‘Love in Action’

Their hope is that ‘Love in Action’ will be widely used. The resources are free for members of CSAN, the Caritas Social Action Network, (Caritas Leeds is a member of this network) and, subject to application, to other groups and organisations such as yours.

Caritas Westminster does not want to restrict access to their materials, but simply asks you to register as they want to help ensure it is being used effectively by keeping track of who is using it.  This is why you are asked to ‘sign up’. All you need to register is an email address and your own password. 

The ‘Love in Action’ resources include:

  • Material for parish leaders and ideas for preparing the Liturgy
  • Take-home materials including a prayer card and weekly postcards
  • Notes for children’s liturgy leaders and primary school staff
  • Faith sharing material for parish groups
  • Resources for groups of young people
  • Media resources
  • A parish workshop
  • Everything you need to create your Parish Action Plan

You are specifically encouraged to access the last two sections.