The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

Catholic Social Teaching

In September 2017, I launched our diocesan Caritas as:

‘an umbrella organisation set up with the aim of celebrating, encouraging and enhancing the wonderful work that is already taking place across the Diocese, and, adopt a more coordinated and searching approach to what we do in terms of our charitable and social action activities’

Within the Terms of Reference which inform the running of our Diocesan Caritas one finds the following points:

  • Arrange joint training where this is appropriate/ requested.
  • Develop on-going formation for members in Catholic Social Teaching.
  • Reflect on the Catholic foundations of the work the members undertake.

I believe that this on-line resource can serve to achieve the above stated aims. It offers individuals and/or groups from parishes, Chaplaincies, Schools and Catholic Associations across our Diocese an opportunity to deepen our understanding of Catholic Social Teaching with the aim of helping us to offer a stronger spiritual dimension to the charitable activities /social action we are currently involved in and support adult formation. It is intended to be dipped in-and-out as required rather than working through it in a systematic order, if this is the preferred approach.

This resource also allows for a critical look at what we are currently engaged in with the aim of sparking off new initiatives and perhaps more importantly to adopt a more collaborative approach with other parishes within the deaneries and between parish groups and Catholic Association/Chaplaincies. Details of existing groups may well encourage individuals who are willing to engage in charitable activities /social action but perhaps are not aware of how to go about it.

Assuring you of my prayers and very best wishes, I remain

Yours devotedly in Christ

Bishop of Leeds