The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

Charitable Activities / Social Action Groups

Bradford Deanery

Mary Mother of GodSVPWe help anyone in need but offering a hand of friendship and a listening ear and support that will make them feel loved and wanted and that they matter. We also comfort the bereaved.
  • Visit those in need regularly mostly weekly
  • We take some of them out or visit them in their home and care home
  • We support the In Church project which provides shelter for the homeless annually
  • We raise funds for the SVP and for the children's camp and we also support the local food bank
Mary Mother of GodFaith and LightOur new community of Faith and Light meets once a month for a gathering of friendship and sharing, fiesta celebrations and prayers To offer support to parents and their familiesWe celebrate Mass We share our food We play games and listen to music Share information with parents Offer trips/outings/pilgrimages
Mary Mother of GodUnion of Catholic MothersThrough helping our members develop their own faith lives we hope to fulfil one of the aims of the UCM which is to offer love, sympathy and practical help to families in difficultiesAt the moment we are very small in number but are having a recruitment drive. When we have more members we can begin our fund raising and social activities again.
Mary Mother of GodSt Winefride's SVPProvide with help/advice regarding debts, benefits etc. Help with visits and general problems i.e. food vouchers, furniture etc. from CHAS @St Vincent Also send 2 children to summer campWe 'turn concern into action' by responding to referrals from anyone in difficulties of varying natures
Mary Mother of GodInn Churches ProjectProvide a place of safety for homeless/rough sleepers We are part of the ‘Inn-Churches’ project now into its 9th. year. Project started with St Mary Bradford being involved in the pilot scheme then with 7 churches now there are 17Provide a bed, a hot meal, a warm and safe environment for 12 homeless people for 7 nights. Clothing, warm winter coats, jumpers etc. plus socks, under wear and new foot wear A team of up to 50 people involved over the seven evenings and nights i.e., coordinator, cooks, cleaners, volunteers to welcome and chat to our guests. Mini bus to collect guests
Our Lady and St Joseph Aire ValleySt Vincent de Paul (Cottingley and Bingley)Inclusion in the life of the parish Supporting individuals who are vulnerable and/or socially isolated but also the non-catholic community-inviting, providing transport to events and Masses, providing social opportunitiesCoffee mornings Twice a year social evenings Carol service and Christmas party Summer excursion to the sea side Parish social for all ages annually Transport to Mass of Anointing (twice a year) Sponsor children in difficult situations to attend camp
St BlaiseSt Vincent de Paul SocietyReduction in isolation, friendship and supportHome visiting, particularly to those who are housebound
St Blaise'Mini-Vinnies' School based junior SVPEducation and social awareness and involvement in selected community and parish projectsCharitable fundraising Other forms of service in the Parish
St BlaiseNew collaboration with Catholic Care, Diocese of Leeds1. Reduction in social isolation 2. Support for pregnant mothers, especially migrants and refugees 3. Support to parents with young children, pre-school and otherwise1. Friendship Group and lunch club 2. Storage and distribution point for maternity goods 3. 'Stay and Play' Group
St ClareRelax and Craft GroupA place to meet, socialise and share crafting skills and knowledgeWeekly meetings
St Francis and Immaculate ConceptionSt Vincent de PaulElderly-to include them in the life of the parish Homeless- to support them in furnishing their homes when allocated by the council or charitable organisations Families- support when rehoused, support with clothing, gas electricity Refugees- support for furnishing new homes, clothing etc. Help with working through other organisations, home office etc. Young people- to become active in the parishElderly-visits to their homes, transport to mass for the sick Homeless-using our finances to help them become independent and settled. Days out Families- visits to give them listening ear, using our finances to help them, take to food banks. Days out and liaise with local schools. Refugees- visits to their homes, organise interpreters, write letters Young people- monthly meetings for Youth SVP, they raise funds to help others in need
St JosephSt Patrick's MissionProvide for material needs - food, clothingSoup Kitchen Clothing Bank
St MarySVPListening to their needs Tackling loneliness and loss and no or poor housing Assisting financially with utilities and furnishing and basic food needs Signposting towards other servicesHome visiting Prison, hospital and Nursing Home visiting Meeting for a coffee and talk Taking shopping Decorating and gardening Working with other charities/ projects
St MarySt Columba's Food BankTo help them when they are in need.Fundraising, i.e. standing in supermarkets with trolleys asking for donations. We get a lot of donations from parishioners and from other parishes
St Theresa Benedicta - ShipleySVPTo "be there" for parishioners who may have lost contact with the Parish or might be in any need of help, to overcome their difficulties and to include them in the body of the Church.Visit them in their homes and spend time with them.

Dewsbury Deanery

St Aidan-MirfieldTuesday ClubProvide a social group for those who wish to attendThe Tuesday club is a social group who meet to have lunch, play bingo and support each other. They occasionally also go on trips
St Aidan-MirfieldSt Aidan's SVP ConferenceFriendship, sense of belonging to a community, reduce loneliness and for parishioners who have difficulty or unable to attend church opportunities for attending Mass/ receiving Holy Communion.Visiting at home, in Residential home, in hospital Providing transport e.g. to church, hospital An annual Senior Citizen's lunch for about 80 Mirfield residents
St Mary-BatleyBatley Care and Drop In CentreA place to be fed, make friends and socialiseCollecting food on a weekly basis and giving time to volunteer there
St Patrick-BirstallLegion of MaryMaking them feel they are wanted, giving them time to chat when they may not see many others particularly if they have no familyWeekly visits Organise sick mass yearly with transport for those unable to walk
St Patrick-BirstallParish Support for Drop-In Centre (Methodist Church (Batley)The collection of items of food stuff and toiletries for distribution at the centre from the parishKeeping parishioners in touch through the parish bulletin of the work being carried out at the drop-in centre. Passing on thanks for their very generous contributions. Undertaking to transport the foodstuff etc. top the drop-in centre on a two weekly basis
St Patrick-BirstallUnion of Catholic MothersOlder People: encourage involvement in parish life, combat loneliness and value the contribution they have made to the community over the years and still make with help when needed e.g. food banks and financial donationsTwice monthly meetings information from the UCM nationally discussed and implemented if appropriate for our group Day trips- afternoon teas to promote social interaction Prayer following our aims and objectives Baptismal cards given to babies /children on receiving the sacrament
St Paul and Holy Spirit-Cleckheaton/HeckmondwikeMonthly Soup KitchenCompanionship and social interactionProvide a lunchtime Mass followed by a soup lunch, cake, tea or coffee
St Paul and Holy Spirit-Cleckheaton/HeckmondwikeSVPEnsure that people have the basics to live with i.e. food, clothing, furniturePoster advertisement to make people aware of the SVP Speak with local primary school staff to identify families in difficulty Regularly visit sick and elderly

Halifax Deanery

Good Shepherd-MytholmroydLuncheon ClubCommunity at Prayer Overcome loneliness A good hot mealWeekly lunch together (August break)
Sacred Heart-Sowerby BridgeGood companionsAddress Loneliness by offering simple afternoons together each week.Talks Singing Lunches
St Columba-HalifaxSt Columba's SVPSeeking to bring spiritual comfort and material helps where neededTo pray together and to visit families and individuals in their own homes, in hospital and in care homes
St Malachy-HalifaxSt Malachy Social Caring GroupFriendship Continuing contact with the parish family, social gatherings and celebrations, support in times of need such as sickness, bereavement, someone to talk to. Praying with othersShared social events Home visits Hospital visits
St Malachy-HalifaxSVPFriendship Support Practical help if neededVisiting in residential homes and nursing homes
St Mary-HalifaxOver 60sTo promote friendship between older members of the congregation and keep them in contact with members of the Church i.e. if they are ill or unable to attend mass it does not go unnoticed In general to make people feel interested and interestingRegular meetings with afternoon tea and games. Occassional demonstrations, meals out and parties for special birthdays
St Mary-HalifaxChildren Liturgy and CatechesisTo help the children who attend to begin a deeper understanding of the catholic faith We aim to instil in them the knowledge of God's love for them in order to help them grow and continue on their own journey of faithIn liturgy we listen to stories from the bible, talk as a group and complete an activity/colouring sheet. In catechism classes we prepare for the sacraments by working through ‘Called to His Supper' and 'Making Things Right'. Whilst completing the pages we reflect on what has been taught, week by week, therefore building up a larger picture of the meaning and importance of both sacraments
St Mary-HalifaxBereavement GroupTo offer friendship and support to the bereaved of the parishWe a Mass for the bereaved and the recently deceased on the first Saturday of the month at 12.15. This is followed by a social get together in the hall with refreshments

Harrogate Deanery

St Aelred-HarrogateLuncheon ClubSupport good nutrition Strengthen community in the parish Avoid social isolationOrganisers prepare a meal together for the group members monthly
St Aelred-HarrogateFriendship GroupFriendship Avoiding social isolationMeet monthly Have a theme/speaker monthly Frequent day trips Have meals together
St Joseph-WetherbySVPSupportVarious fund raising activities.
St Wilfrid-RiponSVPOffer supportVisits in homes etc.

Huddersfield Deanery

Holy RedeemerParish Food BankHelp them with food when their income has either dropped or they are without sufficient benefits.Twice weekly Food Bank, giving food parcels of dried and tinned goods, plus bread, milk and butter.
Holy RedeemerSVP - Saint Patrick's ConferenceFriendship and supportVisits, outings, annual party and Mass
Holy RedeemerSVP - Our Lady of Lourdes ConferenceFriendship and support, both personal and materialVisits, outings, children's camp and provision of support
Holy RedeemerSVP - Holy Family ConferenceFriendship and supportVisits, Mass for the Sick, outings
Holy RedeemerLegion of MaryPrayer, friendship and supportWeekly prayer meeting, and visits
Immaculate HeartSt Vincent de PaulTo help people have dignity in their life and whether or not they are religious, improve their spiritual well-being- visits for approx. 1 hour for company, hear people's problems, provide contact for help agencies - we raise funds in order to provide for material needs such as: food vouchers, furniture, home appliances, short family holidays/breaks
Immaculate HeartUnion of Catholic MothersTo make positive contribution by: reducing poverty so they can be healthier, safer and achieve. Overall a better quality of life and wellbeing which enables families to enjoy at a reasonable level and gain independence.Supply to food banks and donate educational resources, warm clothing and blankets. Plan and organise church activities that incorporate donations of money and raffles to raise funds for those in need. We also supply spiritual literature to the children making their first holy communion. We also come together and pray on a regular basis
Immaculate HeartSt Joseph's over 60s ClubA pleasant afternoon in the company of old and new friends while enjoying a cup of tea and some cake. There are also few outings together.- A game of bingo -Lunches out to various restaurants -Occasional theatre and coach trips
Immaculate HeartUnion of Catholic MothersTo keep them interested in church events To be able to meet up with like-minded people- pray together -help at parish events -arrange meals out -occasional theatre visits or cinema -visit house bound people -take people to church and church meetings
Sacred Heart and St William-UppermillFood and clothingCollection of both food and clothing on a regular basis
St Joseph-BrighouseFriday Lunch GroupProvide low cost and nutritious foods and social interactionFacilities to provide and cook nutritious food
St Joseph-BrighouseFriendship ClubProvide safe environment to socialise Alleviate loneliness Provide stimulationOrganised games i.e. bingo, raffles and quizzes
St Joseph-BrighouseLocal Food BankEnsure they have something to eatDonations of food
St Joseph-BrighouseMums and Toddlers GroupEncourage social interactionProvide facilities to meet at low cost
St Joseph-BrighouseSt Vincent de PaulAssist in times of difficulty, loneliness and needVisiting, helping and trips
St Joseph-BrighouseSt Joseph Youth ClubActivities for children Somewhere to socialise outside schoolPlaying games Encourage interaction between children

Keighley and Skipton Deanery

Our Lady of Mount Carmel-SilsdenLenten Alms Givinga) chaplaincy at hospital-with support of patients b) Salvation Army -care of the poor and low income families c) Gianna Project-practical help to individual women with unexpected pregnanciesBoxes to individual homes collection on Holy Thursday evening
Our Lady of Mount Carmel-SilsdenEmbrace Friendship GroupBuilding Up of support groups at local levelAfternoon meeting once a month with entertainment, talks, tea/coffee, discussions etc.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel-SilsdenFood BankHelping feed those on low income building up their self esteemCollection of food on a weekly basis
Our Lady of Mount Carmel-SilsdenEcumenical Justice & Peace with Amnesty International To raise awareness through a combination of fundraising, campaigning and action
Our Lady of Mount Carmel-SilsdenSVPBefriending, supporting vulnerable adults and people in need
SS Mary and Michael-SettleSVPRelieve loneliness, stress, anxiety etc. Provide essential daily help when required Assist with any difficulties when possible and when required.Various
SS Mary and Michael-SettleEcumenical Justice & PeaceTo raise awareness through a combination of fundraising, campaigning and action
St Boniface – BenthamEcumenical activities to support refugeesRaising awareness, fundraising and to offer practical helpVarious depending on needs identified and resources available to respond
Our Lady of Victories and St Anne - KeighleySVPBefriending, supporting vulnerable adults and people in needWeekly home visits Benediction and afternoon tea each month
Our Lady of Victories and St Anne - KeighleyThe Good Shepherd CentreSupport parishioners from Eastern Europe as well as support for refugees and asylum seekersOffering advice, practical help, translation and signposting services, personal support and guidance (over 100 people each week)
Our Lady of Victories and St Anne - KeighleyMonthly Afternoon TeaCompanionship and entertainment for those who are often less mobileTea and music (about 15 – 20 people)
Our Lady of Victories and St Anne - KeighleySVPBefriending, supporting vulnerable adults and people in needWeekly home visits Benediction and afternoon tea each month
St Stephen-SkiptonJustice and PeaceTo improve people’s lot in life through a combination of fundraising, campaigning, direct action, awareness raisingRaising awareness, fundraising and cooperating ecumenically and civilly;
St Stephen-SkiptonSt Stephen's Social GroupCombat loneliness. Give them an opportunity to meet with friends and make new friends at Lunches and Afternoon Teas and try new activities.Monthly Lunches with bingo. Monthly Afternoon Teas with activities such as: sing-a-long, quizzes, seated exercise, boccia bowls, films, entertainment from ukulele band. Outings - e.g. garden centre and afternoon tea. Social evenings-Race Nights, Pasta evening etc. Interaction with children from Primary School who help serve teas and play dominoes, cards etc.
St Stephen-SkiptonSVPBefriending people to help ease lonelinessVisiting in own home or care homes Providing transport
St Stephen-SkiptonSkipton Food BankTo provide nourishment and supplies to those in needParticipate in this ecumenical endeavour hosted by the Baptist Church through regular donation, collection and distribution of food. Needs advertised weekly on Newsletter.
The Keighley & Skipton ParishesEmbrace Men’s BreakfastTo bring older men together to kindle friendship and memories and to foster mutual interestWeekly breakfast and chat and other activities (about 8 participants)
St Joseph – BarnoldswickPop-In GroupSupport of older peopleOpen Parish Centre available for refreshments and chat (30 people)
St Joseph – BarnoldswickTuesday ClubWelcome for those who are lonely or feeling isolatedA friendship group and mutual support (20 people)
St Joseph – BarnoldswickLunch ClubFriendship and nourishment for older peopleA Weekly cooked lunch and entertainment (60 people)
St Joseph – BarnoldswickSVPParticularly supporting refugeesSupport and funding for about 20 refugee families in Nelson
St Joseph – BarnoldswickParticipation in the West Craven Food bankTo give food to the hungryCollecting foodstuffs and supplies for the West Craven Food Bank

Leeds North Deanery

Blessed Edmund SykesSVPStability in their life, friendship and supportWe visit the lonely, the vulnerable and the housebound
Mother of Unfailing HelpLegion of MaryWe support those who are house bound or in nursing homes with visits, prayers and communionWe carry out communion services for the sick or we just pray. We report back to the parish priest where the person visited needs confession or sacrament of healing
Mother of Unfailing HelpSt Vincent de PaulFocuses its ideals on the society's mission to help people in need in the spirit of the gospel Support is carried out for an average of two months per client, aiming to prevent the clients becoming dependent of the SVPWeekly Home visits befriending people in need, providing food parcels, emotional support and in exceptional circumstances financial support Regular fund raising events Cover the cost of summer camps for six to eight children from our sister Holy Rosary Church community The conference is also part of Twinnage programme and provides bi-yearly support to our Twin Conference in India
Our Lady of KirkstallHoly Name SVP (St Vincent de Paul) ConferenceTo provide friendship and practical support for as long or short a period as required or wanted and ideally to empower them to help themselves. To seek to meet their deeper needs including their spiritual well-being. To tackle causes of need including financial poverty where we can. To provide them with a glimpse of the love which Christ and His Church has for them.Our help is provided through person to person contact. We visit, in pairs, those whom we seek to help. Help may include food parcels, electric or gas top-ups, obtaining furniture or white goods from SVP shops or St Jude’s furniture store, signposting to and accompanying to specialist help with e.g. debt problems (money buddies, St Vincent Support Centre) or other issues.
Our Lady of KirkstallSociety of St Vincent de PaulTo relieve loneliness, meet material needs and share the love of God.Leeds
Our Lady of KirkstallHoly Name Scout GroupOffering them the chance to socialize with friends, learn new things, have new experiences, and have fun in the parish environment.A weekly meeting. a chance to camp under canvass, hike and stay in the dales as well as trying climbing skills and many other opportunities open to them in scouting.
Our Lady of Kirkstall38th Leeds (Holy Name) Guide UnitGirls take what they do in guiding with them as they grow up. They develop the skills and confidence that they need to reach their potential - as students, colleagues, parents, friends and citizens - and become the young women that they want to be. (from Girl guiding website-what we do)They go to their first ever sleepover, canoe on rivers, learn about body confidence, lead their own camp, or simply have fun and try new things with girls their age.
Our Lady of Kirkstall38th Leeds Holy Name BrowniesPromoting skills, independence and fun.Games and crafts
St Jeanne JuganSt JJ TrustWe provide free food and clothes for the hungry and homeless on a Friday evening and on a Sunday Morning.We try to give them regularity. Give them food they otherwise would not have. Give them some social interaction with other than their 'subculture'. Provide them with clothes so they can leave feeling a little more refreshed. We signpost them to other organisations where we can and as appropriate.
St Jeanne JuganSVPOlder people living on their own/in homes. Low - income families/singles/homelessVisit older people on a regular basis. Provide help obtaining white goods for low income families/single people. Clothing for the homeless
St John Mary VianneyFilm ClubNo details givenNo details given
St John Mary VianneyTable Tennis GroupNo details givenNo details given
St John Mary VianneyIrish Hearts and HomesNo details givenNo details given
St John Mary VianneyDementia GroupHelping people with dementia and others who feel isolatedNo details given
St John Mary VianneyHCPTNo details givenNo details given
St John Mary VianneyRefugee Group and Night Shelter SupportNo details givenNo details given
St John Mary VianneyLadies GroupNo details givenNo details given
St John Mary VianneyOver 55sNo details givenNo details given
St John Mary VianneyOut and AboutNo details givenDay Trips Evening trips to theatre etc.
St John Mary VianneySVPNo details givenNo details given

Leeds East Deanery

St Benedict-GarforthUnion of Catholic MothersTo give women an opportunity to make new friends, to enhance their spiritual lives, to learn, broaden, and express their views on many topics but especially those affecting family life. The title of the UCM is a little misleading as membership is open to all women including married, widowed, single ladies and women of different faiths. Women who support our aims and objectives are welcome to join the UCM.UCM are involved in many things, such as supporting people and families in times of stress, by just being there and listening. UCM fundraise for specified charities and other National charities such as Cafod, Homeless etc. We support financially the priest training fund. UCM take an active part in Women's World Day of Prayer. We have a National Pilgrimage to Walsingham in July each year and have study days on present topics and issues. Although we take part in many activities UCM meeting of women is to support and care for each other and the extended community.
St Benedict-GarforthCafod/Live simplyTo enable our community to appreciate and respond to the needs of the environment and the world.Seminars Campaigning Awareness Prayer and reflection
St Benedict-GarforthNeighbourhood Elders TeamFocuses its ideals on the society's mission to help people in need in the spirit of the gospel To identify and respond to the needs of older people and their carers. To provide services that fill the gaps in statutory provision and enable older people to remain independently within their own community.We work in the 13 villages of east Leeds providing support to older people, befriending, one to one support, benefits advice, AA, DLA, PIP, DP, PC, housing benefits etc. and completion of forms Friendship groups, support groups, health activities, 14 luncheon clubs, dementia cafe, dementia luncheon, advocacy, events, outings, newsletters, educational and leisure activities, befriending, home visiting Over 93 activities per month The accessible centre at Dover Street is a wonderful place of hospitality, warmth, care and friendship, started by dedicated volunteers who acknowledge clients whole heartedly where people can contribute as well as receive.
St Benedict-GarforthGarforth Refugee GroupTo provide friendship and practical support for as long or short a period as required or wanted and ideally to empower them to help themselves. To seek to meet their deeper needs including their spiritual well-being. To tackle causes of need including financial poverty where we can. To provide them with a glimpse of the love which Christ and His Church has for them.a) Practical support for asylum seekers and refugees in Leeds. b) Raising awareness of, and education about, refugee issues worldwide, including dispelling the many myths peddled by mainstream media.a) Organising collections of goods (to date toiletries, hats / scarves / gloves) for local asylum seekers / refugees and those in Calais and Greece via the Leeds Collection Centre. b) Giving information to parishioners via organised events about specific topics / countries (e.g. Eritrean Evening). c) Occasionally giving informative leaflets out after mass when permitted.

Leeds South West Deanery

St Gianna Beretta MollaLegion of MaryTo help maintain their contact with the church and parish when they are no longer able to attend Mass and the sacraments.Visit them in homes and care homes and spend time listening to their concerns
St Joseph-PudseyPudsey Child Contact CentreTo offer a safe and neutral place where children of separated families can meet their non-resident parent or other family members i.e. grandparents for access visits To provide a child centred environment that reflects the diverse needs of children affected by family breakdownWorking with 'Churches Together' a large group of volunteers from St Joseph's Catholic Church and St Lawrence/St Paul Church of England Church run a venue every two weeks facilitating contact for families and children. We provide toys, games, refreshments and assist contact between absent family members and children
St Joseph-PudseySVPAnyone in emotional or material need is help by the SVP Visiting: letting those visited know that they are valued and loved as they are and not who they are. Material help: food-bank vouchers, ASDA vouchers, white goods and furnitureFinancial support from the Mass attenders enables us to facilitate material help, visiting hospitals and care homes, own homes Summer lunch at the golf club Christmas party, lifts to the shops, trips out for coffee/shopping for the isolated
St Joseph-PudseySt Joseph's Tuesday Club for the over 60sGroup was established in 1999. We are a group of elderly male and female from the parish and the local area. We have trips, holidays, socialise together on Tuesday afternoons. We also raise money for the parish and different charitiesMeeting other people, bring different religions together for social events but also to raise money
St Margaret ClitherowFriendship Group (meeting in Belle Isle)To get people to socialize rather than staying at home and being lonelyTalk Occasionally go out to the park or for a meal Link people with other areas of interest
St Margaret ClitherowYoung at HeartSocialising, dancing, friendship, relaxationSequence dancing, line dancing
St Margaret ClitherowSt Margaret Clitherow-Food Bank ProjectAssisting with poverty in conjunction with St John and St Barnabas Church (Trussell Trust)Food bank
St Margaret ClitherowSVP branchTo be friend those who are lonely To help any who are in need i.e. to supply furniture if needed and anything else they may need if we canBy performing house visits
St Mary-RothwellSVPPeople who are just about or not managing Some quality of lifeSupport with prayer, money and good to enhance lives
St Maximillian KolbeSt Maximillian Kolbe, St Vincent de Paul ConferenceThe conference meets fortnightly to pray together and to visit families and individuals in their own homes, in hospitals and in care homes, seeking to bring spiritual comfort and material help where needed.We meet fortnightly and hold coffee mornings, in St Anthony's Parish Hall, on the first Sunday of each month.
St Maximillian Kolbe7th Beeston St Anthony's BrowniesBrownies opens up a world of exciting challenges and the opportunity to try new things. To encourage girls to achieve their full potential.The girls follow a programme "The Brownie Adventure", a variety of activities, i.e. cooking, science investigating, out & about, camp holidays and many more activities.
St William of York-MorleyMorley Food BankOffering one off emergency food supply to those in need and have no other source of helpPublicise the need for donations of food items and the regular donations and collections of these items and transport to the food bank
St William of York-MorleyHCPT Group 530-Yorkshire Region (Hosanna House and Children’s Pilgrimage Trust)Providing disabled adults and children on pilgrimage to Lourdes Children Pilgrimage at Easter staying in hotels Adult/children Pilgrimage to Hosanna House in the summerAnnual Christmas Raffle Annual February Quiz Fund Raising evenings in March and October Take parishioners to Lourdes (This year 5 will travel)

Pontefract and Wakefield Deanery

Sacred Heart & St Joseph HemsworthSacred Heart Senior GroupSome of them are lonely and vulnerable and do not get out much. We offer a nice, warm friendly place to meet others socially, to enjoy a natter and friendship. We offer them advice as much as we are able or to put them in touch with people who can help.They sit around talking etc. We take them out for lunch every couple of months. We hold parties for special occasions, celebrating each of their birthdays. Now and then have visits from Age Concern or Help the Aged etc. We meet every Wednesday afternoon except for a couple of weeks at Christmas time
Sacred Heart & St Joseph HemsworthSociety of St Vincent de PaulTo provide spiritual and practical support where required. To visit the lonely and house boundProvide material support in the way of food parcels when needed To supply furniture and white goods where required To ensure that those with no family who die have a presence at their funeral
St Ignatius-OssettUnion of Catholic Mothers SVPTo offer love, sympathy and practical help To defend Christian values in family life To assist families in practicing the Christian faithOrganise talks Collaborate in collecting food, gifts, clothing and help in their distribution
St John-NormantonStay and Play-Community Group - Bringing Families Together - Giving a safe space for children to have fun, do activities and social development- Toys and games -Pre-school activities -Arts and crafts - Singing nursery rhymes
St John-NormantonParents AssociationSocial Evening for young and oldBingo Raffle
St John-NormantonMonday FriendsThe group provides an opportunity for people to come together and meet in a friendly space, enjoying refreshments, have fun with time to chat and make new friends. The group deals specifically with the concerns of older people and helps to tackle the everyday issues of loneliness and isolation.Refreshments - time to chat Exercise class - social activity - improved physical fitness Indoor games e.g. bowling and curling - social activity - fun
St John-NormantonStay & PlaySafe space for toddlers to play and enjoy social interaction. The group provides an opportunity for adults, mums, dads, grandparents, aunties, carers etc. to come together and socialise. Advice is available from a qualified social worker on childcare and parenting. Tackles isolation and loneliness of young parents.Healthy snacks and refreshments Stories Messy Play Volunteer opportunities
St John-NormantonSt John the Baptist Parents Association/Friends of St John Baptist Primary SchoolSummer Fayre and Raffle Autumn Fayre and Raffle Coffee Mornings Film Nights Cake Sales Afternoon Tea at Sports Day School CalendarSummer Fayre and Raffle Autumn Fayre and Raffle Coffee Mornings Film Nights Cake Sales Afternoon Tea at Sports Day School Calendar
St John-NormantonSVPBetter standard of life Support CompanyMeetings Visits Financial help
St John-NormantonGolden Age GroupThe aims of the Golden Age Group are to reduce the social isolation of older people in the Normanton and Altofts area. To provide a comfortable and safe environment where members can form friendships and offer mutual support.Provide afternoons where people can meet on a regular basis. Offer friendship and support. Organise appropriate social activities e.g. Bingo, Scrabble, Domino's, Cards, Books
St John-NormantonMini VinniesCarrying out the mission of the SVP to support those in needFundraising Visits
St Joseph CastlefordCamaraderie between members1) luncheon club in school for older people 2) Sewing club
St Peter & Paul WakefieldSt Vincent de PaulIn the spirit of justice and charity, to alleviate poverty in any form.Collection and distribution of charitable funds and visiting.
St Peter & Paul WakefieldSt Peter and Paul Justice and Peace GroupTo highlight issues of social justice and explore solutions.Studying church teaching on social action, getting involved case by case in supporting projects, providing help where needed.
St Peter & Paul WakefieldParish lunchOrganising a social event and building community through provision of a two course meal at minimum cost.Providing a home cooked meal and a welcoming atmosphere each week after the Wednesday noon Mass.
St Peter & Paul WakefieldSt Peter and Paul's Youth CouncilAn opportunity to build up a sense of community amongst the 11-18 year olds in the parish providing support where necessary.Monthly meeting in the parish centre, film club, parish outings, opportunities to participate in parish events as a group.

Selby Deanery

St Joseph-Sherburn-in-ElmetCAFOD LIVE SIMPLYWe are using the idea of live simply to assist others in need. We support the local food bank through our church and primary school. We are also fund raising for refugees and have a twin parish in Peru who we have a monthly collection forWe are trying to live out our faith in practical ways and make monetary donations on the back of parish social events such as our monthly coffee morning, parish picnic etc. We have a food bank collection point in each church and at the primary school
St Mary’s Senior Citizens Groups (Thursday Club) Reduce social isolationWeekly social get together of parishioners and non-parishioners. From time to time they organise outings and the occasional speaker
St Mary’s Ladies GroupMonthly gathering with guest speakers and focus on fund raising for the parish
St Mary’s CAFOD GroupSupport the work of this national agencyCoordinate the family fasts appeals and organise the sale of World Gifts during Advent

Wharfedale Deanery

Sacred Heart-IlkleySacred Heart Saint Vincent de Paul ConferenceHelp them overcome isolation, loneliness and, if needed, financial problems.Visiting regularly; arranging outings and links to other groups.
SS John Fisher and Thomas More-Burley-in-WharfedaleSVP-regular visits to sick and lonely - offering company and financial assistance when requiredAny works of charity and support both temporal and spiritual
SS Peter and Paul-YeadonElderly Friendship GroupTo provide a safe place for fellowship, friendship and fun, especially targeted at elderly and isolated people who might not get out of their homes very muchActivities from ‘knit and nutter’, speakers, carpet bowls, coffee and cakes all to provide friendship and support.
SS Peter and Paul-YeadonSVPHelping elderly people with visits and supportVisiting the elderly, providing pastoral support for them. Bringing them to the Church for occasional functions, Church services and social activities