Environment and Conservation

A great idea sent to us by ‘Our friends in the North’!

The parishioners and Parish Priest at St Mary Immaculate in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle were distressed to find that since a new wheelchair ramp had been built outside the church, it was regularly claiming the lives of many birds, mostly blackbirds, starlings and smaller birds of prey which were flying at speed directly into its glass walls.

When parishioners arrived to find that the latest ‘victim’ was a peregrine falcon, a creative solution was sought to make the unused ramp more visible to birds swooping past the building.

Armed only with a pair of secateurs, one parishioner found the answer lay in a large fallen conifer – one of around 40 trees in the church’s grounds destroyed in last year’s Storm Arwen.

Although the tree was on the ground, the ends of most of the branches were still green and their fronds were easily cut and placed over the glass plates.

Parish Priest Fr David Phillips and the Parish Secretary report no further casualties since!

The pictures tell the story …

… the problem was ‘clear’ …

… the solution was ‘green’!

Many thanks to the Parish Priest and Parishioners at St Mary Immaculate, Whittingham, for sharing this story of re-using and re-purposing to make their church wildlife-friendly!

Here in our own Diocese of Leeds, when YOUR parish, school or charity comes up with ideas and initiatives – big or small – to become more environmentally-aware, PLEASE let us know by emailing environment@dioceseofleeds.org.uk or communications@dioceseofleeds.org.uk so your stories and images can inspire others across the Diocese of Leeds and beyond. All contributions will be published on this website and may also be of interest to local and Catholic press and media!