The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The 2021 Annual Review: better late than never!

Production of the 2021 Diocese of Leeds Annual Review was unavoidably delayed this year … but the online version is out now and available to view via the Diocese of Leeds Communications home page!

Some hard copies of the 2021 Review may be available in due course … but watch out for the 2022 ‘bumper edition’!

Our Annual Review is (usually!) published both in hard copy and online during Advent from information and photographs sent by parishes, charities and schools to and from diocesan events. Introduced by Bishop Marcus, we follow a different Catholic ‘current events theme’ each year. The Advent 2020 to 2021 edition is broadly based around the ‘Year of St Joseph’ and the Saint’s attributes as skilled worker, dreamer of dreams and loving foster-father to Our Lord.

The Review is structured into four ‘chapters’, plus a short synopsis of the previous year’s finances, showing how parishioners’ giving through the Parish Offertory is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated as the local Church’s main source of income. It also provides a ‘full-colour brochure’ informing grant awarding bodies and individuals of why our work in our diocesan parishes and charities is worth funding; listing and thanking them for how their generous donations have been spent on particular charitable causes.

We are both a Church and a Charity, and each chapter reflects the broadest interpretation of one of our Four Charitable Purposes: the Advancement of the Catholic Religion; the Promotion of Catholic Teaching; the Provision and Care of Priests; and the Provision and Maintenance of Churches, Presbyteries and Schools. These purposes taken all together are the embodiment of our Mission as Catholic Christians: Evangelisation.

Evangelisation in our communities and wider society is the special duty and privilege of the lay faithful; telling our ‘good news stories’ inspires others and serves as a powerful means of ‘New Evangelisation’. The Annual Review does this through acknowledging the faith-motivated work and initiative of members of our Diocesan Family from the homes, schools, parishes and charities which together comprise our ONE Diocese.

The content of the Annual Review is entirely reliant on lay faithful and clergy communicating their ‘good news’ to Diocesan Communications. From there, our stories of ‘Evangelisation by Example’ – how we live and share our Catholic faith across our own Diocese – can be spread across both the Universal Church and the secular world via our online communications tools of website and social media; local, regional and Catholic press; and certain features which are suitable for national press and BBC broadcasts.


If YOU would like to help proclaim the Gospel by spreading our ‘Good News’ far and wide, send YOUR stories, ideas, and suggestions for events and initiatives to: