The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

St Theresa’s School: singing when they’re winning at Leeds’ St Pat’s Day Parade!

St Theresa’s Catholic Primary School from Cross Gates in East Leeds was proud to take part in the Annual Leeds St Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday, 12 March 2023. They were even more excited to take home a huge trophy for the best float and best song in the Parade – and that’s no ‘blarney’! .


The Friends of St Theresa’s (Parents’ Association) organised the float on the back of a flatbed lorry kindly loaned by Leeds firm K Rouse Civil Engineers.  The theme was a crock of gold under the rainbow with Headteacher Mr Hutchinson in the crock dressed as a Cheeky Leprechaun!

The children designed their own shamrocks to go alongside the traditional St Patrick’s Day memorabilia displayed all around the float to join with Leeds’ Irish community in celebrating Ireland’s Patron Saint, in advance of his Feast Day on 17 March.  There were upwards of 100 children in and around the float (or following it on the streets) with their parents helping to add to the merriment. They paraded around the city centre and the children and adults sang a range of songs including ‘One more step along the world we go’, ‘St Theresa’s Little Way’ (the school song), as well as a real favourite with the judges, ‘Love is something if you give it away’.

There was a healthy bit of cheering, horn blowing and general Irish charm as the float made its way through the streets – with the occasional, ‘Top of the morning to yous all!’ from the Cheeky Leprechaun referenced above.

As there were around eight or nine floats in total, there was stiff competition for the annual prize trophy.  In the end, the judges came down on the side of St Theresa’s as the 2023 winners.  They said it was the song they sang, ‘Love is something…’ that tipped it in their favour – but to be sure that’s hardly surprising as St Theresa’s has long been part of Diocese of Leeds Music’s award-winning Schools Singing Programme!

John Hutchinson, Headteacher said, ‘I am delighted for the school especially all the members of our wonderful community who worked so hard to get everything ready.  There was a real buzz about the event and the children who came absolutely loved it… as did the staff and parents!  What a wonderful surprise in my final year before retirement.’

The Yorkshire Evening Post also featured the parade on their news website on Sunday evening.