10 Themes to Consider

  1. The journeying companions
    As we journey together let us look around. Who are you on the journey with and what persons or groups are marginalised and why?
    II. Listening
    How might our local Church better listen to lay people (and especially young people and women) and minorities and those who are not respected?
     III. Speaking out
    How can everybody be encouraged to communicate appropriately what is important to them?
     IV. Celebrating
    How might I be better able to participate in Mass and other liturgies?
     V. Co-responsible in the mission
    How can each Baptised person become a “missionary disciple”, revealing Christ to others through their words and deeds?
     VI. Dialogue in Church and society
    How might we improve our conversations within our diocesan family and also outside of it, (for example with people of different faiths, those who have no faith and those who have particular roles and duties in society)?
     VII. With the other Christian denominations
    Are our relations with our Christian brothers and sisters good? How might they be improved?
    VIII. Authority and participation
    How might we develop teamwork and a sense of co-responsibility in our local Church?
    IX. Discerning and deciding
    How might we improve the process of decision-making in our local Church, such that we properly take account of what the Holy Spirit is saying through each one of us?
     X. Forming ourselves in synodality
    What formation is necessary within the local Church if we are to become better at listening to one another and sharing our insights with one another?