The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

No News is … Bad News!

Your Diocesan Website News Pages Need YOU!

Thank you to ALL who contribute to these news pages by getting in touch with to let us know about, and send photographs of, the ‘good news stories’, activities and innovations taking place across the parishes which together comprise our Diocese of Leeds!

Your stories and photographs are always welcome, including these from Nick at the Parish of St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross in Shipley, who writes:

‘I know many parishes have streamed live Mass on Sundays but Fr Keiron Walker has a way of engaging with the camera that brings this alive. After Mass he approaches the camera and speaks to the parishioners. He has asked anyone, especially children, to send in pictures and prayers and he shows them and talks about them.’

Fr John Newman was sent this delightful image by the parents of a young Catholic parishioner who also likes to participate in the live-streamed Masses Fr John celebrates at St Edward’s, Clifford…!

What Diocesan Communications can do to support YOU is detailed here:  Any project or idea that may need publicising, or simply deserves acknowledging, is of interest. It’s vital to hear about a project in the earliest planning stage rather than be informed about it too late; and much better to be told the same information by several sources than to be not be told of it at all!

The following ‘news round-up’ of what types of stories have been covered since the Coronavirus Crisis sent us all ‘online-only’ on Friday 20 March is useful to show what the priorities have been. Obviously, to pass on information as soon as it is received, in a fast-changing situation; but to also to promote stories received during this difficult time: stories of comfort, support, and even of celebration, across all aspects of our diocesan family life.

Out of the 56 stories received and published to date, the sources and subject-matter were :

Covid-19 News (Health&Safety, Bishops’ Conference and Holy See announcements, prayers and resources) = 10
Masses and Liturgies Online = 10
Our Bishop’s and Our Priests’ Messages = 5
Our Parishes’ and Catholic Societies’ News = 5
Diocese of Leeds Music = 5
Catholic Charities’ News (Caritas and Catholic Care) = 5
Diocese of Leeds Education and Catechesis (Sacramental Preparation and Year of the Word) = 4
Churches Re-opening News (since 12 June) = 4
Priests’ Obituaries = 3
BBC Broadcasts = 3
Finance News = 2

It’s only to be expected that information and guidance regarding the pandemic, announcements of online activities and the very busy and innovative Diocese of Leeds Music have been the main types of stories by far. The aim is also to have as much news as possible from our parishes, and from the many Catholic charities, schools and societies across the diocese – not only for publication on this website, but also in what will be an historic Annual Review during this year of unprecedented need for Faith, Hope and Love!

PLEASE continue (or start!) to send your stories of faith and works in YOUR Catholic home, school, parish or society to

Thank you!