The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878


On Friday 22 October, members of the House of Lords will be debating the Second Reading of Baroness Meacher’s ‘Assisted Dying Bill 2021’ – YOUR letter or email to a member of the House of Lords asking that they attend the debate and oppose the Bill could save lives – and souls!

‘Assisted Dying’ and ‘Dignity in Dying’ are simply euphemisms for ‘Assisted Suicide’.

There are many ways in which we can rightly and properly assist people to die with dignity: by offering them our love and care, by supporting them and their families with our prayers, and through the services provided by palliative care and hospices. Advanced age, sickness, or improperly-managed pain, should never be the reason for someone to want to commit suicide; least of all with the help of the very healthcare professionals who care for them, and the families who love them.

There are a few members of the Lords who live in our region, some of whom are from Catholic backgrounds and some others and may be presumed to be pro-life because of their good record on how they have voted in abortion debates and also on previous Bills regarding ‘assisted dying’. As well as praying that they will speak and vote against the Bill, please consider sending them a personal letter or email, from the heart, about how and why you believe life is sacred even as it comes to a close. Ask them if they would kindly attend the debate on 22 October and voice their opposition to the Bill.

If you feel able to, share with them and others your own inspiring stories of friends and loved ones who have approached the end of their life in faith and hope and have gone to God fortified by the Sacraments and Rites of Holy Mother Church.

As Catholics we believe in the dignity of all human life throughout its natural span. Living with the fear of death and pain is part of our human condition – if that natural fear is met with compassion, prayer and the best medical, pastoral and spiritual care, all people can live – and die – with true dignity.


Apart from members of the House of Lords who we know are Catholics and very likely to take part in this debate (e.g. Lord Alton and Lady O’Loan), just a few other active members of the House of Lords from our own region include:

The Rt Hon. Lord Kirkhope of Harrogate –

The Rt Hon. Lady McIntosh of Pickering –

All members of the House of Lords may be contacted by post via their Westminster address: House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW

The Rt Hon. the Earl Peel lives in the Diocese and is an Amplefordian, so may well take a Catholic view on this issue

The Rt Hon. the Viscount Eccles of Moulton has spoken eloquently and voted against similar ‘assisted dying’ issues in previous debates. His wife is Baroness Eccles in her own right.

(NB – Whatever a peer or peeress’s title, a letter or email to them should simply begin Dear Lord/ Dear Lady plus their Surname – e.g. Dear Lord Kirkhope … Dear Lord and Lady Eccles …)


This is the Year of St Joseph; he is the Patron Saint of a making a ‘Happy Death’.
St Joseph: pray for us. 

Dormition of St Joseph, Patron Saint of Making a Happy Death in a State of Grace (St Wilfrid’s Church, Ripon)