The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

Holy Family School winners in the last Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition

Members of the Writing Emporium (creative writing club) at Holy Family School in Keighley entered (what will be the last) Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition.

Congratulations are due to Zoya, Matthew, Allarna and Tyra-Lei all from Year 9 as well as Kadie in Year 8, Klaudia in Year 11 and Ruqayyah in hfs6 (the Holy Family’s Sixth Form).

English teacher Nazia Koser said, ‘With thousands of young people having taken part across the Commonwealth, it is a remarkable achievement for our students to have had their work selected and to gain so many awards for a single school.’

The challenge of the competition was to produce a piece of writing about someone who inspired the writer.

Allarna is inspired by her English teacher Miss Meenagh; she herself aspires to be an English teacher and wants people to quote her when she is a famous writer!

Zoya wrote about J.K Rowling whom she adores together with the whole ‘Harry Potter’ series of books.

Klaudia opted for a theme of ‘One community, one unlimited family’ with an exposition of how to serve her community in a positive way.

Kadie, wrote about her favourite singer Ariana Grande and how she is so strong, especially after the Manchester attacks.

Matthew wrote about the aftermath of COVID and local boy Sir Captain Tom Moore’s inspiration to the nation.

Ruqayyah wrote about the impact of Covid on the community.

Rebecca Meenah, English teacher and co-leader of the Writing Emporium said, ‘The club has been running for almost a year now.  Our writers have grown in numbers and confidence.  Granted there are buns and relaxing music as well as the writing, but it all helps in developing ideas. We have had a lot of amusing and moving pieces composed by these young people.  They inspire us as much as they inspire each other.’