The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

From TOMORROW: Mass of the Day!

From TOMORROW (Monday 18 January) weekday Mass from those parishes around the Diocese of Leeds which are livestreaming daily will be accessible via this website.

One of the four main ’tiles’ on our home page will be renamed Online Weekday Mass from Our Parishes and will contain a schedule of that week’s Masses being livestreamed as the Diocese of Leeds ‘Mass of the Day’.

Initially, a simple schedule will be published each week, giving the times of the Masses, the parishes, and the name of the celebrant, along with a link to their livestream. It is envisaged that in due course, the system will be automated, with a page of information and history for each church.

Owing to illness and availability, there are just four parishes represented this week, but more to follow…!

Tomorrow’s Mass is at 10.00am from St Stephen’s Church, Skipton. 

The celebrant is Mgr Andrew Summersgill – read his inspiring ‘Thought for the Week’ published recently in the Craven Herald :

Craven Herald, Thought for the Week (14 January 2021)

For the first time since last summer, I had lunch with my Mum and Sister on Christmas Day. I was prudently positioned at the far end of the table and I am sure had my sister had her way, there would have been a Perspex screen between us – she is a nurse after all. I think we were careful, there was a flow of air around the house and I didn’t overstay my welcome. The precautions didn’t spoil the enjoyment of the occasion, but it was clearly nothing more than an interlude.

And now here we are being told to “Stay at Home”, and somehow the winter days seem colder and a little darker than usual, with the prospect of carefree living a long way off. So while we are all keeping our distance, to be reminded of some of the normality of life is good.

I was particularly struck by a phrase used by Pope Francis in a Christmas address, drawing on our present experiences: “Do not forget: joy is contagious and good for the whole community…Joy is contagious and makes you grow”. We may be wary of passing on disease, but I am sure most, if not all, of us could put some thought into passing on joy – some good news maybe, or a genuinely funny story, and especially a smile under a mask; some people are great at making their eyes smile. It may be three weeks since Christmas, but we can try to make the hope it brings last a lot longer.

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