The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878


Maintaining close relationships with the Press and Media and providing wherever possible information and suitable interviewees from among the laity and the clergy is a form of ‘soft evangelisation’. It can dispel pre- and mis-conceptions about Catholicism and increase understanding among the general public.

However, for non-contentious matters, it’s much better when parishes and schools which are the main proponents of an initiative use their own specialist knowledge and enthusiasm to promote it themselves, using local press and media. This has the added benefit of forming positive, cordial relationships with local journalists who in turn will welcome reliable ‘contacts’ within their community.

I offer training in all aspects of press and media relations: the importance of interviewees with ‘lived experience’ rather than ‘official spokespeople’; how to write targeted press releases, statements, and programme proposals; interview technique; and also how to deal with press and media attention, both positive and negative (although in the first instance, please always direct any filming requests or approaches from press or media to me at

I also offer, upon request, training and advice for clergy, employees and parishioners regarding managing relationships, development of parish or project Communications Plans and facilitation of discussions and ‘brainstorming’ sessions.

Training can be one-to-one or for a group and can take place either in person at Hinsley Hall, or in your parish or school, or online.