The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

CAFOD Volunteers’ Month 2021

Join CAFOD this June in celebrating Volunteers’ Month. CAFOD is taking time to thank all their wonderful volunteers for the fantastic work they do to support those in our global family who are most in need.

As part of the celebrations, CAFOD is running free online events ranging from talks on Fairtrade and climate change, to prayer sessions, and even workshops on cooking and photography. There’s something for everyone.

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You may be familiar with CAFOD through your school or parish, but the volunteering opportunities are much more varied than you may expect. At CAFOD Leeds there is a brilliant team of volunteers who work in a host of roles around the Diocese. There are volunteers like Sheila, who is a Campaign Volunteer Coordinator; Aileen, who is a School and Educational Volunteer Coordinator; Marian and Michael, who are Parish Volunteers; and Imogen who is a Communications Volunteer.

With so many ways to get involved, the CAFOD Leeds team has a whole range of people who volunteer with them. From students, to parents, to retirees, the community welcome anyone willing to give some of their spare time to help giving assemblies, organising fundraisers, and running prayer times in the parish, in schools, and in the office.

Even during this past year when the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways in which volunteers are able to work, their resilience has shone through. Along with the rest of the country, CAFOD volunteers had to adjust to a new social-distanced way of working: attending online training to help navigate the new world of Zoom. Despite having to move their delivery of workshops and assemblies online, the community of CAFOD volunteers has continued to thrive, with new volunteers like Aileen joining as the pandemic hit.

Whether their work is done in-person or online, the work of volunteers is central to CAFOD. The impact they have in schools, parishes and communities is what Volunteers’ Month celebrates. As CAFOD Leeds volunteers Aileen and Sheila said, helping with CAFOD allows them to feel connected to future generations, their fellow parishioners and to “our brothers and sisters who struggle with so little”.

Volunteers’ Month is about saying a huge thank you to all CAFOD volunteers for the amazing work they do to ensure that no one is left behind. The work that CAFOD does around the world couldn’t be done without the efforts made by the hundreds of volunteers. As Sheila said, “How could anyone not want to give some of their time to CAFOD?”

If you would like to find out more about being a CAFOD volunteer in the Diocese of Leeds, phone: 07748514641, or email:

Full link for Volunteers’ Month: Webinar: Celebrating Volunteers Month 2021 by CAFOD (