The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

The Catholic Church across Yorkshire's historic West Riding since 1878

Benefact Trust Benefits the Holy Rosary, Leeds

At a recent meeting the Trustees of the Benefact Trust approved a grant of £28,050 to support a project to refurbish facilities and improve the access to the Community Room at Holy Rosary Church, in Chapeltown, Leeds.

The award is one of the new Community Impact Grants being distributed by the Benefact Trust.

The Benefact Trust exists to make a positive difference to people’s lives by funding, guiding, and celebrating the work of churches and Christian charities. As the Trust’s website explains, it is working to change lives and communities for the long-term. It’s more than supporting the repair, restoration, protection, improvement, reach and growth of places of Christian worship; our grants are designed to have a positive impact on the wider community, tackling social issues from homelessness and poverty, to climate change and cultural cohesion.

Back in 1987 the nave of the Holy Rosary Church was subdivided to create a more compact area for worship and a large Community Room at the west end of the building. Since then, the Community Room has served the needs of both the parish and the wider community on a daily basis.

In recent times it has become apparent that the Community Room needs refurbishment, and improved external access. The current project includes essential roof repairs, improvements to the toilet and kitchen facilities and a new, step-free entrance to the Community Room. The new external entrance is seen as critical to being able to make the Community Room available to more outside organisations and to develop partnerships locally, in what is one of the most economically deprived areas in the city of Leeds.

To date a total of £165,000 has been raised towards the cost of the project at the Holy Rosary, but there is still a little way to go before all the funding is in place, and donations to this end are very welcome. There is a JustGiving page here: