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Rev. Michael Doody

Vocations Director
Hinsley Hall
62 Headingley Lane

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Prayer for Priestly Vocations

Heavenly Father,

Your Son, Jesus Christ, instituted the sacrament of holy orders in his Church so that she would never lack chosen men who, despite their personal frailty, might continue his saving work in the world. Through the power of your Holy Spirit, raise up more young men for the priesthood from within your holy people and especially from within this Diocese of Leeds. Give them courage to respond to your call, sounding in the depths of their being. Grant them the grace to persevere when they experience difficulties. Inspire in them a love of holiness, a desire for chastity and an eagerness to obey. Accord them humility so that they may rejoice in serving their brothers and sisters. Console them daily with your inestimable charity so that they may speak boldly of what they truly know. Strengthen them in order that they may labour unstintingly in your vineyard and on your waters. Deepen their faith so that they may perceive the cosmic significance of their ministry. Infuse them with your hope so that they may always have an eye towards heaven even as they immerse themselves diligently in the things of this world.

We ask all this through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

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