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The Church and Change

8th January 2019

“The Church and Change: Observations on the Present Crisis in Catholicism” is the last talk in the current series of Leeds Cathedral Lectures.  The speaker will be Professor Richard Rex on Tuesday 8th January in Wheeler Hall, beginning at 7pm.  Professor Rex’s own summary of the lecture gives a foretaste of the hard-hitting and controversial questions he will raise:


‘As the ramifications of the sexual abuse crisis threaten to overwhelm national hierarchies and even to touch the curia itself, the Church is facing its deepest crisis in governance since the Great Schism (1378-1417). And as Catholic teaching on marriage is challenged in the name of a ‘new paradigm’, the Church is facing its deepest crisis in doctrine since the Reformation. Change must come, and change will come. But what must change, and what must not? And how shall we hold onto the faith in the years to come?’


Professor Richard Rex is well qualified to examine the present position of the Church in the light of historical developments.  He holds one of the most prestigious Chairs at Cambridge University and is recognised as a scholar of international renown, and the subject of his lecture could not be more topical or important for Catholics and those interested in the contemporary religious and social scene.


This is an exciting opportunity to listen to the views of a major contemporary scholar on issues that affect all of us now and will continue to do so in the future.


Tuesday, 8th January at 7pm.  Wheeler Hall, Leeds Cathedral.  Entry is FREE and ALL are welcome.