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Adoremus 2018 Remembered

21st December 2018

Adoremus 2018 Remembered

One of the biggest events of 2018 was the Adoremus Eucharistic Congress held in Liverpool in September.  Anne Cooke, parishioner at St John Mary Vianney Parish in Leeds, gives her impressions of the Adoremus weekend:


I truly believe that the Holy Spirit is working in this nation. At a time of challenge, uncertainty and struggle for both the Church and secular society, the first national Eucharistic Congress in over 100 years taking place, is surely no coincidence.


In addition to Adoremus, there has been Rosary on the Coast and Our Lady of Walsingham is currently on a Dowry Tour throughout the whole of England ahead of this land being reconsecrated back to her in 2020. It seems that God Almighty, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother is showering us with invitation after invitation to turn to Him more. Our Lord Jesus Christ is thirsting for us to respond and enter into a relationship with Him. What graces and blessings are surely flowing, if we can only be courageous enough to accept them?


Bishop Baron’s talks at the main Saturday event at Adoremus held his audience captive. His teaching on the Mass issued an invitation to everybody to grow deeper. Whatever their current level of understanding of the Mass there was something offered to enable reflection and growth, exhorting greater worship and adoration of God the Father Almighty, through the living sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit.


There were many interesting, thought-provoking, moving, glorious, lovely aspects of the event; too many to be described in detail, and for each attendee, surely a different answer would be given if they were asked for their highlight. Some of my favourite parts included the joyful singing of hymns to make the lunch queue in the pouring rain go quicker, randomly shouting out ‘Amen’ (much to the embarrassment of my friends) as I couldn’t contain my joy during the magnificent Mass celebration and being part of a group of impromptu intercessors for the event outside the cathedral early in the morning. However my highlight was participating in the Blessed Sacrament procession, along with an estimated 10000 other people.


The procession started with everyone taking to heart the words of Cardinal Nichols that in the wake of the suffering of the sex-abuse tragedy we should be humble and penitent, and offer an act of public reparation. The procession was solemn and drenched by torrential rain whilst thunder and lightning lashed the sky overhead. However words cannot describe the overwhelming knowledge I experienced that the downpour was the blood and water flowing from the side of Jesus Christ, cleansing us, loving us, inviting us to run to Him and bring our pain and suffering to Him on the cross. It was Divine Mercy. Throughout the procession, alongside the storm passing and the sun coming out there was a tangible mustering of courage and joy as the Holy Spirit moved our hearts, bringing us together in unity and allowing us to truly witness and know for ourselves that Jesus Christ is alive! His Church – His mystical body is alive! Without a shadow of a doubt Victory over evil is indeed His for all the world to know. Through the life, death on the cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, true God and true man, and His presence in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar we are indeed saved. Thanks be to God! All glory, honour and praise are His.


For photographs, Bishop Robert Barron’s talks and other information about Adoremus Eucharistic Congress 2018, visit http://catholicnews.org.uk/adoremus2018