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First Faith in Action Awards

2nd July 2018

First Faith in Action Awards First Faith in Action Awards First Faith in Action Awards First Faith in Action Awards

Students in the Diocese of Leeds who were confirmed last year were invited to be part of a pilot group for the Faith in Action Awards.  The first awards were presented by Bishop Marcus at Leeds Cathedral on the evening of 13th June.


The Faith in Action Award is recognised nationally by CYMFed, the Catholic Youth Ministry Federation and the Youth Services team which is part of Diocese of Leeds Education is playing a part in shaping the scheme across the Dioceses.  


Faith in Action seeks to deepen faith, build character, develop leaders and inspire and encourage the young people of our Diocese - around 200 of whom have been putting their faith into action by participating in the pilot phase of the Award Scheme. By taking part, students are enabled and empowered to explore, develop and live their faith whilst being celebrated for the good they do and challenged to live more and more for the Lord. 


Some describe these awards as a 'Catholic version of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme' but although new and currently lesser known, Faith in Action is similarly intended to show colleges, employers and universities that a young person with this award on their CV, is someone happy to go above and beyond what is expected of them.  It shows a commitment not only to their faith, but also to the community - as well as an understanding of the importance of experience, analysis and reflection when taking action.


The Celebration Evening for Faith in Action was attended by students from eight schools and churches - one of the schools was St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College in Bradford, where Chude Isiuwe led the Prayer of Commitment for their students' Faith in Action group and Clarisse Bajet, Jasreel Ducusin and Hannah Maslen together gave a testimony describing their Faith in Action journey.


Photographs of the whole event taken by Patrick Sice are available via this link:




Find out more about Faith in Action in the Diocese of Leeds!  Youth Services have published a newsletter: /assets/files/FIA-Newsletter-1-pdf.pdf


There will also be two opportunities for interested parties to attend a Faith in Action Briefing at Hinsley Hall on Monday 2nd July, with one session at 3.30pm and the other at 7pm. 


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