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Bradford Pupils Celebrate Rich Polish Heritage

5th February 2018

Bradford Pupils Celebrate Rich Polish Heritage Bradford Pupils Celebrate Rich Polish Heritage Bradford Pupils Celebrate Rich Polish Heritage

Pupils from St William’s Catholic Primary School, in Bradford recently took part in an afternoon of events to celebrate the heritage of the school's Polish children and their families.


Starting with a lunch that had a suitably Polish theme, the children, staff and governors enjoyed smoked sausage and sauerkraut with home-made pierogis.  The school hall was filled with parents and family members who had come along to join in the celebration of the school's large Polish community.


Welcoming parents to St William’s in national dress were Natalia and Adriana from Bradford Polish Cultural Association.  Families and friends were then served a delicious Polish afternoon tea of coffee and Polish cakes by children from Key Stage 2.  Whilst enjoying the homemade cakes, visitors listened to a variety of traditional Polish songs, courtesy of singers from the Polish Cultural Association.


Later in the afternoon, the whole school community gathered together for a presentation and quiz about Poland led by children from Year 5. The presentation was in both Polish and English, allowing the entire school community and visitors to enjoy learning about the roots of the Polish community in Bradford as well as finding out about Polish culture and history.  Finally, the afternoon ended with a singalong in Polish which was enjoyed by children, staff and families alike.


Andrew Bastable, deputy head teacher at St William’s said:


‘Following the success of the recent ‘Slovakian Afternoon’, I was keen that we celebrate the rich heritage of both the Polish community in Bradford and the large number of children in school who have a Polish background.


At St William’s we’re incredibly lucky to have children in school from over twenty-one different cultural backgrounds. Afternoons like this are an important opportunity to celebrate, but also to find out more about the diverse backgrounds and roots of the families in our school community. Bradford has a large Polish population with roots stretching back over seventy years, this afternoon has celebrated the rich diversity, not only of Bradford but St William’s.


I would like to thank our singers from the cultural association for entertaining us and helping to make this afternoon so successful. Our parents and families have been so enthusiastic about helping to make this afternoon, the delicious home-made pier Niki and cakes were part of what has been a successful afternoon that both celebrated and educated.'


Over the coming months, St Patrick’s and St George’s Day will be celebrated in school with themed lunches and assemblies, along with visits to both the local synagogue and mender as part of forthcoming inter-faith weeks.