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5th February 2018


PRIESTS IN UNIFORM: CATHOLIC MILITARY CHAPLAINS TO THE BRITISH FORCES IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR is the title of Dr James Hagerty's latest book, formally launched on 5th February and available to order now.


The First World War brought dramatic changes to military chaplaincy. More than 5,000 Christian and Jewish chaplains served as chaplains and of these over 800 were Catholic priests.  Some of these men were killed or wounded; many were decorated for bravery. [Photograph depicts Fr (James) Arthur O'Connor, MC]


All chaplains lived in the same conditions, experienced the same dangers and witnessed the same carnage as the men they served.  Chaplains celebrated Mass, administered the sacraments, tended the wounded, buried the dead and brought spiritual comfort to men sorely in need of it. 


Dr Hagerty has written and lectured extensively on Catholic military chaplaincy and Priests in Uniform is a work of meticulous research.  It is a moving testimony to the unique and brave ministry of many priests and a fitting centenary tribute to the Catholic Bishopric of the Forces. 


Published by Gracewing, 2 Southern Avenue, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 0QF


500 pages, illustrated. Price £25. P & P free in UK. Cheques payable to ‘Gracewing’


Email: gracewing@aol.com