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Midnight Mass at Leeds Cathedral on BBC One

4th January 2018

Midnight Mass at Leeds Cathedral was broadcast on BBC One and will be available to view on iPlayer for 30 days from the transmission, so at the moment may still be watched via: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06x0rds


Many people who watched the Mass live on BBC One and/or later on iPlayer have been in touch via email and all at the Cathedral are grateful to the BBC team for their sensitivity, creativity and professionalism which enabled the broadcast to take place and which has allowed a reaching-out to people living in remote parts of the country without access to transport to feel they too were participating in worship.


The correspondence shows how the Mass touched many viewers with the true meaning of Christmas, especially the Bishop’s Homily which was described as ‘powerful and uplifting’ and prompted one Methodist minister to write: ‘Thank you, Bishop, for calling me back to where I long to be.’  Another correspondent commented: ‘One hears so often of the lack of faith and the increasing secularisation of society, but tonight you touched so many lonely and needy hearts…’   There have been many requests for a copy of the Bishop’s Homily, which may be accessed via this link:  /assets/files/Midnight-Mass-Homily-2017.pdf


The Liturgy was described as ‘engaging and heart-warming’, and among the many comments were the following:


‘A wonderful celebration that kept the message and promise of Jesus’ birth at the heart of the matter.   Sincere and authentic.  Too many church leaders make the liturgy a performance and not an act of witness…’


‘The music was tasteful and beautifully performed by choirs and organist alike. The cathedral looked wonderful and the ceremony showed just how good the Ordinary Rite of Mass can be when using both vernacular and traditional Latin settings.’


 ‘The truly reverent Midnight Mass brought back memories of how we used to have the Latin Mass with all the surrounding dignity and sincerity.  The singing by the choirs was, to coin a phrase, out of this world.’


‘All the young singers paid great attention to detail…their diction and absolute joy of making music to a high standard to the Glory of God in a proper liturgical context was breathtaking…’