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Cookery Club at Holy Family holds a “Sugar Off”

22nd December 2017

Cookery Club at Holy Family holds a “Sugar Off”

The Cookery Club held its final session of 2017 as the autumn term ended at The Holy Family School in Keighley.


Led by their very own Mary Berry – or is it Prue Leith these days? - in the shape of club leader Sheila Hastings, the students held a Great Holy Family Sugar Off as they made snowmen, Christmas trees, holly, candy canes (to name but a few of the themes) out of sugar paste to adorn their individual chocolate logs and cakes.


As ever the enthusiasm, skill and creativity was outstanding.  As Swiss rolls and sponge cakes groaned under the weight of ornamentation, Sheila Hastings said, “They really are a brilliant group.  They will listen and follow instructions and their creativity on evenings like this when we give them a free rein is mind-blowing.”