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“Spaceship” lands at Holy Family School

22nd December 2017

“Spaceship” lands at Holy Family School “Spaceship” lands at Holy Family School “Spaceship” lands at Holy Family School

The Science Museum’s Space Bus paid a visit to Holy Family Catholic School in Keighley.


The double-decker bus is kitted out with training pods to allow students to test themselves as potential astronauts and then take a virtual-reality spaceflight.


Small groups of students visited the bus in relays on a strict time schedule to give everyone a fair chance.  They were welcomed by the staff from the Science Museum and set to work in the training pods to be “trained” as an astronaut. 


They then tried on a virtual reality space suit and went for a space-walk by standing in a capture-pod where, through some fancy camera work and electronics, they saw themselves on screen wearing spacesuit.  The system used tracking technology so the movement of the suit on screen followed the movements the student was really making.


As they were space tourist for the day the students were given chance to take selfies in front of the viewing window, just to prove that they really had been in space.


It was then time for blast off as the newly qualified astronauts went into the virtual reality lab and donned the VR kit to follow British astronaut Tim Peake into space.


Craig Baker, the member of the science team at Holy Family who organised the venture said, “All the effort was worth it to hear the first student from the first session get off the bus saying, ‘That was AWESOME.’  The rest of the day was just a bonus after that.”