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Happy Yorkshire Day...

1st August 2017

Happy Yorkshire Day... Happy Yorkshire Day...

...to everyone in the Diocese peacefully co-existing on both sides of the Pennines...!


...and Happy 1st August Feast Days to:


St Almedha, St Alphonsus, St Alphonsus Marie Liguori, St Arcadius, St Charity, St Dominic Van Honh Dieu, St Eluned, St Ethelwold of Winchester, St Exuperius of Bayeux, St Friard, St Hope, St Jonatus, St Justin, St Leontius, St Leus, Bl. Martyrs of Nowogrodek, St Mary the Consoler, St Peregrinus, St Peter in Chains, St Rioch, St Secundel, St Sofia, Bl. Thomas Welbourne and St Verus.


Today is also Lammas: the earliest Anglo-Saxon harvest festival of the year. Its name comes from Old English hlaf, 'loaf' and mæsse, 'Mass', and it may have been a day when loaves of bread made from the first corn were blessed.