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Diocesan Parenting Project News

14th July 2017

Happy days

Sadly the Diocesan Parenting Project is coming to the end of the first two years in December 2017. However the really good news is that not only have we exceeded our aims for the project but we have been granted extension funding for 2018 to build on the work we have already done. Not heard of this before? Want to get involved? Read on! The other good news is that before the formal end of the project, in December, there are still  lots of opportunities for your home, school and parish community to take part in this exciting community building initiative.



This project is being funded by the Celebrating Family Fund of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference. The aim is to train local lay people such as parents, parishioners, catechists, school governors, to run the community based family relationship education programmes of the Family Caring Trust. So far we have trained 18 new parenting facilitators and 6 of those are modelling community cohesion by working together to provide parenting courses in the Keighley deanery (first one coming up in the autumn term at the Good Shepherd Centre, Keighley).


What’s it all about?

The project fund is being used to cover the costs of training and the costs of materials for new Parenting Facilitators who will then be able to deliver the excellent community-based family relationship education programmes of the Family Caring Trust (FCT). See all the courses available at www.familycaring.co.uk. The attached Information leaflet gives more details of what’s involved for those wanting to attend the training and for those wanting to sponsor and support parenting facilitators.


Who is this for?

Everyone! Family Caring Trust courses were written by parents for parents and cover all significant aspects of respectful communication. They help mums and dads (and grandparents and carers) to develop the key family skills of encouragement and listening which help grow loving respectful relationships at home. As home is the place where all education starts, and as the catechism reminds us that parents are those charged with the ‘primordial and inalienable’ right and duty to educate their children, we are here to help parents with that task. Parents educate first by creating a home, so family education does not look like school education. It is unique and precious and depends on good, loving and secure relationships among the adults in the family. Our courses help parents to be the leaders of the home, to give their children ‘soft love’ as well as ‘firm love’ (or, as learned journals might say, authoritative, rather than too authoritarian or too permissive parenting).  


Why parenting?

Because we recognise parents as ‘partners in the shared task’ of educating all our children in faith and virtues. No one prepares a parent for the 24 hour, 24:7; demands of parenting. But these enjoyable courses give parents an opportunity to think about and articulate, even if only to themselves, their own goals for their family life. They also offer plenty of opportunity to practice the key communication skills they need to work towards those goals.  Parenting education such as this supports the new family catechesis model of sacramental preparation where parents are invited to share their own faith story with their children.


Autumn 2017

This autumn we will be in the Bradford deanery and people are already booking places on the training there in September.


Everybody’s Welcome!

As we are now in the final part of the project we are also opening out the invitation to the whole diocese. Training dates have been booked in Leeds(19th October)  and at Nostell Priory in Wakefield (8th November). To book your (free) place on one of these days contact Breda and complete an Application Form (attached).


If that’s not enough

And if that’s not enough if you want to benefit from all this but cannot do any of the dates on offer, Breda will come to your deanery or home, school, parish community and train a small team of parenting facilitators where you are, ‘in house’, at times and dates to suit you.


Blessings for a happy and refreshing summer!




Breda Theakston, Parenting Coordinator


Tel: 07761715101 (anytime)


Downloadable materials


For more information about the Parenting Project, click this link


For information about Autumn 2017 training for parenting facilitators in Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield, click this link


To download an application form to participate in the Parenting Project, click this link