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Many Countries – One Community!

6th February 2017

Many Countries – One Community!

Children and families from St William’s School in Girlington (Bradford), came together for the first in a series of events aimed at celebrating the diverse range of countries and groups that form their school community.


The celebrations started with an afternoon of traditional music, singing, coffee and cake celebrating the school's strong links with the Slovakian community. Whilst the music was loud, so was the message: that the many countries represented in school form just one community.


Mr Andrew Bastable – Deputy Headteacher at St William’s said:

‘We are lucky enough to have children in our school with roots and family backgrounds in over 20 different countries around the world. We have been working with the Education Service for New Communities and Travellers at Bradford Metropolitan District Council to look at ways of celebrating the cultures within St William’s but also how we, as a school family can better support the children and families that come to call St William’s home. The outreach work with all of our families is crucial in how we can effectively involve our parents and extended families in the wider Catholic life of the school. The fantastic turnout and support from so many parents and family members keen to celebrate and learn about Slovakia has been so positive and affirming in what we are trying to achieve. To see the sense of pride and achievement on our children’s faces when they were telling us all about Slovakia and what it means to be Slovakian was superb.'


Future afternoons celebrating the cultures and heritages of children at St William’s will feature Poland, Pakistan and Eastern Europe. Alongside feast day celebrations for St Patrick and St George, the various countries contribute greatly to the vibrancy and outlook of the school community.