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Corporate Governance - Board Changes

22nd December 2016

Corporate Governance - Board Changes


The Directors of the Diocese of Leeds Trustee have completed a governance review of their Board membership policies and procedures.  The Directors have adopted a new set of polices reflecting contemporary corporate governance practice. 

The new policies and procedures will result in the current number of Board Directors reducing from the nine to seven Directors.  These will comprise the Bishop of Leeds, the Vicar General, one further Clergy Director and four Lay Independent Directors.  The Bishop of Leeds will be the Chair of the Board.  

In line with contemporary corporate governance practice and expectations, the four Independent Lay Directors and the one further Clergy Director will now serve a possible maximum period of office of nine years.  These Directors will be appointed initially for a three year term of office, with a potential second term of three years, subject to a review by the Chair, and with a potential third and final term of office to be determined following a further thorough review by the Chair.

It is recognised that all current Board Directors have considerable knowledge of the Diocese and that there will be a transitional period over the next nine months, during which seven of the current Board members will retire with our sincere thanks. 

During its meeting on 20 December 2016 Rev Mgr K Heskin (formerly Vicar General), Rev Mgr M McQuinn (formerly Vicar General), Rev Mgr D Lucey and Mr R Smith all retired as Directors.  The Board would like to thank these Directors for their loyal and faithful service to the Diocese over more than two decades, and for their specialist expertise, wisdom and integrity.  

The Board will now commence a process to appoint new Lay Independent Directors.


22 December 2016