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14th November 2014


This was the message that Bishop Marcus wanted the young people of the Diocese to remember, he told them, at a meeting with them in St Anne's Cathedral on the morning of Friday, 14th November.

Though the weather was wet and cold the Cathedral was full of children from across the Diocese to meet their New Bishop. So new in fact that this was the first service Bishop Marcus had undertaken.

The service took the form of a service of the word and the music was led by the ‘Cathedral School Choir'. In his words to the children Bishop Marcus  revealed that he had himself been a teacher - but only for three years - he brought along something to show them - it turned out to be a shirt Box with in it the clothes he The Bishop had worn at his baptism. It was the Bishop told them Baptism that made them Christians - and being Christians they were to love one another for by loving each other and treating them as friends they would bring about peace. He thanked them for the warm welcome and thanked the staff for all the hard work.

The children on their part showed their welcome by presenting him with a gift from all the schools that they had made themselves.

Though the service was long the children obviously enjoyed themselves  and were delighted with the ‘Goodie Bags' they received at the end! A further measure of the success of the morning was that the young people crowded round the Bishop for photographs with him and had to be asked to leave so that the Mass could be said.  

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