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Fr Phillip Hall
Director of the Lourdes Pilgrimage ,
St Benedict’s Presbytery,
Aberford Road
LS25 1PX
tel 0113 286 3224



from President of Hospitlity     Mrs Jo Jarvis 


If you are considering joining the Pilgrimage team as a nurse, doctor or carer, please contact me on 07881 518465 as soon as you are able.
Your call will be met with interest and encouragement. There may be ways in which Leeds pilgrimage can help with your accommodation and costs.
If, as a prospective 2018 Pilgrim, you are likely to require nursing or other assistance from the pilgrimage team - again please call me on 07881 518465 as soon as possible.
Your call will be met by understanding and your particular needs will be treated confidentially.


 Every good wish and blessing.    Jo.