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Assertiveness Course 27 / 03 / 2018

This course is NOW FINISHED

And here is what people said about the course ALL FEEDBACK


What was the best thing about this course?

 Very supportive environment
 I found it very helpful and liked the way it was linked to Jesus' teaching.
 I found this course really stimulating motivating me to look closely at my relationships with family and friends
 Meeting & discussing the ideas with the other participants
 Role Playing
 The videos were really helpful
 The people on it
 I really enjoyed (the) atmosphere of the course.
 Made me feel positive and welcomed.
 Really enjoyed meeting other people.
 Learning the skill of saying ‘no'
 Realising and becoming more aware of my rights and needs

What was your overall ‘take home' learning?

 To not stress so much
 To reflect on behaviour
 It's okay to take time for yourself
 You have a right to ask for what you want/express your feelings (although you might not get it you keep your dignity) and that it's okay for others to do this too.
 To be assertive yourself before you can be assertive with others

What was the most difficult thing for you about this course?

 To receive a compliment
 First session was a bit overwhelming in terms of new experience, but as the course progressed it was easier to share and discuss any problems
 Opening up discussions
 Recognising aspects of yourself - you need to change
 Doing the homework
 The role play was quite difficult at first but then as we got to know each other it became easier
 Practising the techniques in the ‘heat' of a situation but I think this will come. I am much more aware of the techniques as things are happening
 I was nervous about taking part in the role play, but as the sessions went on I became more confident and relaxed with this activity
 Owning up to myself about areas of assertiveness / constructive criticism that I tended to bury and not deal with

What would have helped (what would you have liked)?

o I wouldn't change anything. The course was well run and very enjoyable
o Nothing - it would be difficult to improve
o All enjoyable and well organised
o A link to the video - so I could review it again
o I was given the opportunity to think about this and talk about it

What would you say to someone thinking of attending this course in the future?

 Do it! it's a positive learning experience - and good fun
 Do it!
 Highly recommend
 Do it
 Go for it, you will benefit from the course
 Well worth doing, a fantastic course and all parents should do (it)!
 It's a really good course to attend.
 I would definitely recommend it to anyone!
 I would encourage them and tell them about the skills I have learnt
 For sure this course would be of value to anyone who is experiencing any sense of lack of confidence in who they are or what they want to achieve



Assertiveness course flier

Assertiveness booking form (pdf to print and post)

Assertiveness booking form (word doc to complete and return electronically)

 To find out when the next Assertiveness Course will run contact your local Parenting Facilitator (search www.familycaring.co.uk/Find a Facilitator) or contact me:

*breda.theakston@dioceseofleeds.org.uk or call 07761715101

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