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Making good use of old Christmas cards 09 / 01 / 2018



At Women in Prison arts and crafts is a big part of our activities in prison and at our women's centres. Art can be very therapeutic, is a great way to showcase talent, gives confidence and enables women to be heard. We also run a food and clothes banks at our Women's Centres and create support packs for women leaving prison.

Please contact us first to arrange to send us or drop-off your donation at one of our locations, London (Stockwell), Woking and Manchester.

Either email info@womeninprison.org.uk

Or call:

Head Office including Campaigns (Stockwell): 020 7359 6674
Beth Centre (Stockwell): 0203 869 2170
Women's Support Centre (Woking): 01483 726 621
WomenMATTA (Manchester): 0161 232 1778

PLEASE NOTE: Although we are always very grateful by your generosity we have very limited storage space so please consider the list below of the most needed items. Thank you!

Anything for card making (and your old Christmas Cards please, just the cut off fronts, we reuse for craft card-making workshops for women in prison to send to their children and family in the run up to Christmas)
Colouring pencils
Sketch and writing books
Adult colouring books!!
Tissue paper
Beads and buttons
Crafting papers and card
Pipe cleaners
Aidas (for tapestry)
Nail varnish
Toiletteries (shower gels, shampoos, sanitary products)
Food (tinned goods)


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