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World Meeting of Families 2018 27 / 06 / 2017

Pope Francis to attend World Meeting of Families in Dublin 

The World Meeting of Families (WMOF) is a huge international event for families from all over the world.

This year it is in Dublin 22nd-26th August.

Families will gather to listen to talks, join workshops, and celebrate family life and faith. There are events organised for childrena and for young people too so the whole family can enjoy it. 

WMOF comprises three days of talks and workshops; one day Festival for Families and a final day with a Mass for everyone (celebrated, we hope, by Pope Francis).

Pope Francis is expected to be there for just the final two days: the Festival of Families (on Saturday 25th August) and the final Mass (on Sunday 26th August). The only FREE day is the final Mass which is FREE to all but everyone wishing to attend MUST REGISTER as no-one will get in without a ticket.

Have a look online at https://www.worldmeeting2018.ie/en/ and think about whether your family would like to attend all or part of this event. Why not combine this with your family holiday in Ireland this year?

The theme of this World Meeting of Families, chosen by Pope Francis, is The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World

Online Registration is recommended to get the best price (68 euros per adult). Tickets on site will cost more (78 euros per adult).

The Amoris 'Let's Talk Family! Let's be Family!' series of parish conversations is now available free online at https://www.worldmeeting2018.ie/en/Resources/Amoris-Programme.

Family from the Diocese of Leeds wins FAMILIAS bursary to attend the World Meeting of Families

Two families from the Diocese of Leeds have received bursaries to help them to attend the World Meeting of Families in Dublin this year:

The Walker family from Dewsbury received the prestigious FAMILIAS bursary, selected from all the dioceses in the northern region. FAMILIAS, the association of catholic marriage and family life ministry diocesan coordinators, made three bursaries available, on for each region. Here are the Walker family at St Ignatius Church Ossett. Fr Rchard Aladics, parish priest, supported their application 

The Holder-Benjamin family of Leeds also received a bursary, from the diocesan Celebrating Family Funded Parenting Project. Fr Gerard Kearney, parish priest of St Jeanne Jugan, Leeds, supported their application.

APPLY FOR FUNDS FOR REGISTRATION FEES: For families in the Diocese of Leeds who want to attend all or part of the 5 day World Meeting of Families there is the possibility of some financial assistance to help with Registration fees:

Please apply ASAP using the Diocesan Parenting Fund Application Form.

There is no plan to centrally organise families attending from the Diocese of Leeds but individual families and parishes within the Diocese are free to make their own arrangements to attend.

Families from the Diocese of Leeds who are going to the World Meeting of Families this year are invited to tea with Bishop Marcus (see below).

Call me anytime on 07761715101 if you have any questions:
Breda Theakston
Family Life Ministry (Parenting Coordinator)
or email: breda.theakston@dioceseofleeds.org.uk


Pope Francis grants plenary indulgence decree for all who participate in, or pray for families during, World Meeting of Families

/flm/docs/Indulgences for IX World Meeting of Families en - Vatican News.pdf

The plenary indulgence is granted "on the usual conditions (sacramental Confession, Eucharistic Communion and prayer for the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff), in a spirit that is completely detached from affection for any sin, if they participate in some function" during the meeting, "as well as at its solemn conclusion," in the presence of Pope Francis.

Those who are unable to take part in this event may obtain the Plenary Indulgence on the same conditions if, "united in spirit and in thought with the faithful present in Dublin they recite as a family the Our Father, the Creed and other devout prayers in order to invoke from the Divine Mercy the aims mentioned above, particularly at times when the Words and Messages of the Pope are broadcast via radio and television."

Also "the partial indulgence is granted to the faithful whenever, with a contrite heart, in the indicated time they pray for the good of the families."

Plenary Indulgance WMOF 2018


Tea with Bishop Marcus

Families from the Diocese of Leeds who are travelling to Dublin in August to attend the World Meeting of Families are invited to tea with Bishop Marcus before they go.

Contact Breda at breda.theakston@dioceseofleeds.org.uk or call Breda at 07761715101 before the end of June 2018 to make sure you get your invitation.


AMORIS: Let's Talk Family! Let's Be Family!

This lovely series of parish conversations from Amoris is open to everyone, whether or not you are planning to attend the World Meeting of Families. Topics include:

  • The Reality Of Family Life Today 
  • God's Dream for Love
  • God's Mercy - No-one Excluded

To run theses 'conversations' in your school or parish  just go to www.wmof2018.ie/amoris to download all the sessions and DVDs. 

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