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Family Life Ministry - Diocese of Leeds

Family Life Ministry (FLM)

Diocese of Leeds 

"There is no stereotype of the ideal family,

but rather a challenging mosaic

made up of many different realities,

with all their joys, hopes and problems" 

Pope Francis Amoris Laetitia #57


Started in the 1990s by Bishop David Konstant

with Fr John Nunan, and

led by Sr Anne Conway (deceased 2016)

as the first full time Coordinator,

Family Life Ministry in the Diocese of Leeds

has been a broad spectrum positive, proactive

peer ministry for all families.

Since 2013 Family Life Ministry has been staffed

by one person, one day a week (term time).

The current focus is on positive parenting support

via local trained parenting course facilitators.

(This website is now mostly archive material

and is only updated for current work and news)

Parenting Coordinator: Breda Theakston


See our newsletter Sharing the Good News

from Catechesis, Family Life Ministry

and Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Leeds

If you are interested in: 

  • Parenting Courses
  • Parenting Facilitator training
  • Parenting Training Fund

Call Mobile - 0776 17 15 101

Or Office 0113 261 8050 (usually Tuesdays)  

Email - [email protected] /* */ 

As I work one day a week, flexibly, there may be times when there is a delay in my response. 

">'What Can a Parent Do?' Preview

See the parenting courses we use at www.familycaring.co.uk


 "The love of parents is so important for a child's personal development and growth. It is the gift that makes society possible. Parents surely deserve the best we can offer to help them develop their skills and grow in confidence...

...We've recently seen, from a number of diocesan projects across England and Wales, that the immediate and the long-term benefits for parents, their children and for the church can be quite extraordinary."

 Archbishop Peter Smith, Southwark




from 21st August - 26th August  2018

You can get involved by joining locally in some preparatory catechesis (see the Amoris Programme Let's Talk Family, Let's Be Family)

See how the World Meeting of Families in Dublin will be organsied on the website.

Why not decide to make Ireland your holiday destination in 2018.

All people wishing to attend the World Meeting of Families, or any part of it (3-day Congress; one day Festival of Families; Papal Mass on the final day) will need to REGISTER online.

click here to see the latest WMOF 2018 news



This office no longer provides marriage preparation or marriage preparation presenter training. For all wedding and all marriage preparation enquiries please contact your parish priest

Marriage Care provides one day marriage preparation courses called 'Preparing Together'. 

Rebecca Thorat, Volunteer Recruitment Manager at Marriage Care, has asked us to inform you of a number of volunteering opportunities opening up at Marriage Care which you may wish to circulate through your local networks. These include: Heads of Centre to support local teams in London, Reading and Tyneside; Marriage Preparation Course Facilitators to deliver one-day courses for small groups of couples preparing to marry in the Catholic Church and Parish Liaison Officers to foster mutually supportive relationships with local clergy and parishes.

For more information please visit Marriage Care's volunteer page at: www.marriagecare.org.uk/volunteer 

or email volunteer@marriagecare.org.uk


The Diocese of Leeds is a FULL Member of FAMILIAS, the national Association for Catholic Diocesan Marriage and Family Life Ministry.

ASSOCIATE membership is open to those who work with the Diocesan Family Life Ministry representative.

Anyone can apply to be a 'FRIEND' of Familias.

FAMILIAS Membership Leaflet

FAMILIAS Newsletter 

National Marriage and Family Life Website 

Amoris Laetitia 

Catechism of the Catholic Church 

Domestic Abuse Guidelines

How can we help to end violence in Catholic families? a free download from www.paxinfamilia.org


 "The well-being of the individual person and of human and Christian society is intimately linked with the healthy condition of that community produced by marriage and family"

Gaudium et Spes 47

Despite recent changes in provision this website will continue to share significant news items and updates


Links to external websites provided on this website have been checked but we cannot take responsibility for the content on external websites or that organisation's affiliations with third parties. The link is provided for information purposes only. The Diocese of Leeds cannot and does not necessarily endorse the content on these websites.



Latest News

27th June 2017
World Meeting of Families 2018

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE. From 22nd - 26th August 2018 the World Meeting of Families will be Dublin!  More>>

13th February 2018
Family Weekend

Celebrate Northwest Weekend is a charismatic weekend conference for all the family which will be held this year in Macclesfield on 28th and 29th April. More>>

7th March 2018
Fr Peter McGrath RIP

I have just received the sad news of Fr Peter's death. Some of you may remember when he came to our diocese to spread the word about Parish Family Groups.  More>>

29th March 2017
Family Catechesis Training

'Inspirational', 'enjoyable' and 'thought provoking' are just a few of the positive comments we got at the end of the first course in Family Catechesis. More>>

13th December 2017
Bishop Marcus commissions Parenting Facilitators

Bishop Marcus commisssioned several parenting facilitators at the recent celebration liturgy for the Diocesan Parenting Project. He also took the opportunity to explain why he was dedicating the chapel at Hinsley Hall to the Holy Family. TAKE OUR SURVEY! More>>

9th January 2018
Making good use of old Christmas cards

Send the picture half of your old Christmas cards to women in prison. More>>
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