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Family Life Ministry - Upcoming Events

26th April 2017


1. The Diocesan Parenting Project is looking to arrange the next Initial Training for parenting facilitators in the summer term. If you think your local home-school-church community would like a small team of volunteers trained to run the ever popular Family Caring Trust parenting programmes look at www.flm.org.uk and get in touch! (There is a small fund to help diocesan parenting facilitators get further training, it may also be of interest to people wishing to get actively  involved in parenting and family life ministry locally www.flm.org.uk


2. If you cannot get to do any Family Caring Trust parenting courses the next Care for the Family evening is a nice way to feel better about your family life. Parenting under-12s: A Survival Guide is coming to Huddersfield 24th May.   Care for the Family parenting events are usually a very enjoyable, entertaining and informative evening out so why not arrange to go with friends and enjoy.


3. This year’s FAMILIAS event will be on some of the pastoral implications of Amoris Laetitia. Nearest event to us is Liverpool 26th April. For everyone interested in family life. Everybody’s welcome. Poster attached and more at www.flm.org.uk.


4. The Easter edition of our  FAMILIAS newsletter is out and this one, in honour of Elizabeth Davies who left her post at the Bishops’ Conference to take up a new role with Marriage Care,  is dedicated to Family Life Ministry in England and Wales in the last 20 years. See what is happening in other parts fo the country!


You can see all these and other news at: www.flm.org.uk