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Spiritual Reading

Enjoy reading? Why not try something to build your faith?

We hope to promote spiritual reading by suggesting, every few months, a book which we think is worth reading (we gain nothing financially from promoting any title - we simply think it is good reading!). The books will be chosen because they offer some insight into Christian spirituality and discipleship today. Details of the chosen book will be posted together with information about how to obtain it. There will also be links to useful websites connected with the book. To participate, simply buy the book and begin reading it. You can do this by yourself or get together with a group - friends, colleagues, fellow parishioners - reading a chapter or two and then meeting up to share and reflect. As you read, whether as an individual or as a group, you can post your comments for other people to see. You can also view other people's comments which may enrich your own understanding (we do reserve the right not to post any comments which we feel are inappropriate). If you have read something else on the same theme, leave your thoughts and tell us where we can get hold of it!

Happy reading!

Have you read any of the following?



This booklet contains exercises in silence. It comes off the back of the BBC2 series 'The Big Silence'. Have you tried it? Share your thoughts.

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Fr Robert Barron was a guest in the diocese for the launch of Come & See Year 5. A number of his books were sold on the day.

If you bought one, let us know what you are reading and share your thoughts.

Fr Robert's talks were recorded and can be purchased from Hinsley Hall. Click here for further details.

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A beautiful exploration of the love and mercy of God. Whatever your image of God, this book will have something for you to ponder.

Click here for more information about this book.

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WITH EMPTY HANDS: the message of St Therese of Lisieux

Conrad de Meester shares the message of St Therese. What have you read about or by St Therese?

Click here for more information about the book.

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