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Home School Parish
The unity of home, school and parish is born of respect and dignity for all. It is carried forward in the wonder of discerning new things in each other and bonded together in acceptance

Parents and families are the first educators of children in their faith - "families are the first and most important way of the Church" (Pope John Paul II Familiaris Consortio). But as children grow their faith development is also affected by their parish and school. Cooperation between these three partners offers the best opportunity for nurturing children's faith and preparing them for the sacraments.

There are a number of key opportunities when families, school and parish can work together:

1. The BAPTISM of an infant or young child. The parish especially can engage with families through this process to make a continuing link and build up a relationship with them.

2. WELCOMING families into parishes. The parish community can look out for new people coming to church and especially those who have just moved into the area.

3. STARTING SCHOOL. There are various ways in which parents can be engaged in the life of the school, the life of the parish and take steps to strengthen their own family relationships. This includes couple and parenting programmes.

4. FIRST SACRAMENTS. There are a number of resources that can be used to offer formation to families as their children prepare for the sacraments.

There is plenty of diocesan support and guidance on all these milestones in a child's life. We also have much to offer parents by way of friendly support and contact from the school and parish with a view to developing the kind of positive relationships and welcome that will help people to stay involved with the church in between these important sacramental milestones.

Further information from Family Life Ministry and Linda Pennington

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