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Section 48 - Reports

Section 48 Inspection Reports will be accessible from this page twenty working days after the completion of the Section 48 Inspection. These reports may also appear on individual schools' websites.

 The Ofsted Section 5 Reports can be accessed through Ofsted at:

To view PDF documents you need to have the Adobe Reader - click here to download.


Holy Family High, Keighley (Dec 2005)

Holy Family High, Keighley (Jan 2013)

Holy Family High, Keighley (March 2009)

Holy Family Keighley (2018)

Our Lady & St Brendan (June 2016)

Our Lady and St Brendan (Dec 2005)

Our Lady and St Brendan (June 2011)

Our Lady of Victories Keighley (May 2011)

Our Lady of Victories, Keighley (June 2008)

Our Lady of Victories, Keighley (June 2016)

Sacred Heart Ilkley (2018)

Sacred Heart, Ilkley (Feb 2007)

Sacred Heart, Ilkley (March 2013)

St Anne Keighley (2017)

St Anne Keighley (May 2012)

St Anne, Keighley (Nov 2008)

St Anthony Clayton (2018)

St Anthony, Clayton (March 2007)

St Anthony, Clayton (March 2013)

St Anthony, Shipley (Jan 2007)

St Anthony, Shipley (November 2015)

St Anthony, Shipley(October 2010)

St Bede and St Joseph (2017)

St Bede Grammar School (Feb 2013)

St Bede's Grammar School (Feb 2011)

St Bede's Grammar School (Nov 2008)

St Clare (Jan 2012)

St Clare (June 2006)

St Clare Fagley (2017)

St Columba (Dec 2006)

St Columba (Dec 2015)

St Columba(October 2010)

St Cuthbert & The First Martyrs (March 2017)

St Cuthbert and The First Martyrs (Dec 2005)

St Cuthbert and The First Martyrs (March 2012)

St Cuthbert and The First Martyrs (Nov 2008)

St Francis (2018)

St Francis (Feb 2013)

St Francis (June 2009)

St Francis (March 2006)

St Francis Bradford (February 2018)

St John the Evangelist (Dec 2012)

St John the Evangelist (Sept 2008)

St John the Evangelist Bradford (2017)

St Joseph Bradford (Feb 2007)

St Joseph Bradford (Feb 2016)

St Joseph Bradford (March 2008)

St Joseph Bradford (March 2011)

St Joseph Catholic College (May 2012)

St Joseph Keighley (2017)

St Joseph's Catholic College (Feb 2006)

St Joseph's Catholic College (Feb 2009)

St Joseph, Bingley (March 2014)

St Joseph, Bingley (Oct 2008)

St Joseph, Keighley (June 2012)

St Joseph, Keighley (Nov 2008)

St Mary & St Peter (July 2011)

St Mary & St Peter (July 2016)

St Mary & St Peter Federated School (June 2008)

St Matthew (July 2013)

St Matthew (March 2007)

St Matthew (March 2010)

St Walburga Shipley (2017)

St Walburga, Shipley (June 2012)

St Walburga, Shipley (Oct 2006)

St William (July 2009)

St William (Nov 2013)

St Winefride (Jan 2008)

St Winefride (May 2011)

St. Winefride (April 2013)

Yorkshire Martyrs College (May 2007)

Sacred Heart Sowerby Bridge (Dec 2017)

Sacred Heart, Sowerby Bridge (Dec 2012)

Sacred Heart, Sowerby Bridge (June 2008)

St Joseph Brighouse (2017)

St Joseph Brighouse (March 2012)

St Joseph, Brighouse (Nov 2005)

St Joseph, Brighouse (Oct 2008)

St Joseph, Halifax (April 2006)

St Joseph, Halifax (June 2014)

St Joseph, Halifax (May 2009)

St Josephs Brighouse (March 2017)

St Malachy (Feb 2008)

St Malachy (June 2011)

St Malachy (Nov 2013)

St Mary Halifax (2017)

St Mary, Halifax (Dec 2007)

St Mary, Halifax (June 2012)

St Patrick Elland (2018)

St Patrick, Elland (March 2013)

St Patrick, Elland (Dec 2006)

St Patrick, Elland(Oct 2010)

East Riding of Yorkshire
St Joseph Goole (2017)

St Joseph, Goole (July 2012)

St Joseph, Goole (June 2009)

All Saint's College, Huddersfield (Oct 2006)

All Saint's College, Huddersfield (Oct 2009)

All Saints College, Huddersfield (March 2013)

Holy Spirit, Heckmondwike (Dec 2010)

Holy Spirit, Heckmondwike (Nov 2015)

Holy Spirit, Heckmondwike (Oct 2007)

Our Lady of Lourdes Huddersfield (March 2012)

Our Lady of Lourdes, Huddersfield (March 2017)

Our Lady of Lourdes, Huddersfield (Nov 2008)

Our Lady of Lourdes, Huddersfield (Oct 2005)

St John Fisher Dewsbury (May 2018)

St John Fisher High, Dewsbury (March 2010)

St John Fisher High, Dewsbury (Dec 2006)

St John Fisher High, Dewsbury (Nov 2012)

St Joseph, Dewsbury (April 2006)

St Joseph, Dewsbury (July 2009)

St Joseph, Dewsbury (Nov 2011)

St Joseph, Dewsbury (Nov 2016)

St Joseph, Huddersfield (Nov 2011)

St Joseph, Huddersfield (Oct 2007)

St Josephs, Huddersfield (March 2017)

St Mary, Batley (March 2007)

St Mary, Batley (Oct 2009)

St Mary, Batley (Oct 2013)

St Patrick, Birstall (Jan 2008)

St Patrick, Birstall (May 2013)

St Patrick, Huddersfield (Dec 2008)

St Patrick, Huddersfield (Oct 2005)

St Patrick, Huddersfield(Dec 2013)

St Paulinus Dewsbury (2017)

St Paulinus, Dewsbury (June 2006)

St Paulinus, Dewsbury (June 2012)

St Paulinus, Dewsbury (March 2009)

St Joseph, Barnoldswick (Jan 2007)

St Joseph, Barnoldswick (Nov 2009)

St Joseph, Barnoldswick (Nov 2013)

Cardinal Heenan (March 2013)

Cardinal Heenan (May 2010)

Cardinal Heenan High (March 2007)

Christ the King (April 2008)

Christ the King (Jan 2012)

Christ the King - Review (May 2009)

Christ the King(March 2015)

Corpus Christi (2018)

Corpus Christi Catholic College ( October 2010)

Corpus Christi Catholic College (Nov 2006)

Corpus Christi Catholic College(Nov 2013)

Corpus Christi Primary (Feb 2013)

Corpus Christi Primary (July 2008)

Corpus Christi Primary (May 2011)

Holy Family (Dec 2012)

Holy Family (Feb 2007)

Holy Family (June 2010)

Holy Family Leeds (2017)

Holy Name (July 2015)

Holy Name (May 2010)

Holy Name (Oct 2007)

Holy Rosary & St Anne (July 2011)

Holy Rosary & St Anne (March 2013)

Holy Rosary & St Anne (Nov 2007)

Holy Rosary and St Anne (2018)

Immaculate Heart of Mary (Dec 2006)

Immaculate Heart of Mary (March 2015)

Immaculate Heart of Mary(March 2010)

Mount St Mary High(Oct 2013)

Mount St Mary's High (July 2010)

Mount St Mary's High (Nov 2006)

Mount St Mary's Primary (June 2006)

Our Lady of Good Counsel (June 2013)

Our Lady of Good Counsel (Nov 2007)

Sacred Heart (July 2007)

Sacred Heart (June 2010)

Sacred Heart (Oct 2012)

Sacred Heart Leeds (2017)

SS Peter & Paul Yeadon (June 2010)

SS Peter & Paul, Yeadon (March 2015)

SS Peter & Paul, Yeadon (Oct 2007)

St Anthony (April 2007)

St Anthony Beeston (Nov 2015)

St Anthony Beeston(Oct 2010)

St Augustine (Dec 2010)

St Augustine (Feb 2008)

St Augustine(Nov 2013)

St Benedict, Garforth ( June 2013)

St Benedict, Garforth (Feb 2008)

St Edward, Boston Spa (Feb 2014)

St Edward, Boston Spa (Oct 2008)

St Francis of Assisi (Feb 2008)

St Francis of Assisi (July 2011)

St Francis of Assisi (June 2016)

St Francis, Morley (Jan 2007)

St Francis, Morley (June 2015)

St Francis, Morley(July 2010)

St John Boston Spa (2017)

St John Catholic School for the Deaf (May 2012)

St John's Catholic School for the Deaf (Sept 2006)

St Joseph Hunslet (June 2011)

St Joseph, Hunslet (Feb 2007)

St Joseph, Hunslet (Oct 2013)

St Joseph, Otley (April 2009)

St Joseph, Otley (June 2014)

St Joseph, Otley (Sept 2006)

St Joseph, Pudsey (Nov 2008)

St Joseph, Pudsey(March 2014)

St Joseph, Wetherby (July 2006)

St Joseph, Wetherby (May 2009)

St Joseph, Wetherby (Nov 2013)

St Mary Horsforth (2018)

St Mary's, Menston (Feb 2006)

St Mary's, Menston (Nov 2008)

St Mary, Rothwell (July 2010)

St Mary, Horsforth (Jan 2008)

St Mary, Horsforth (March 2013)

St Mary, Menston (April 2014)

St Mary, Rothwell (Feb 2007)

St Mary, Rothwell (May 2013)

St Nicholas (April 2009)

St Nicholas (June 2006)

St Nicholas (Sept 2014)

St Patrick (June 2007)

St Patrick (June 2015)

St Patrick (May 2010)

St Paul (Jan 2007)

St Paul (May 2013)

St Philip (July 2012)

St Philip (June 2006)

St Philip (Sept 2009)

St Philip Leeds (2017)

St Theresa (Feb 2012)

St Theresa (Jan 2009)

St Theresas, Leeds (March 2017)

St Urban (Feb 2008)

St Urban (July 2013)

North Yorkshire
Barkston Ash (2016)

Barkston Ash (Jan 2008)

Barkston Ash (June 2011)

Holy Family High, Carlton (June 2009)

Holy Family High, Carlton (March 2006)

Holy Family High, Carlton (Oct 2013)

St John Fisher Catholic High, Harrogate (March 2013)

St John Fisher Catholic High, Harrogate (Nov 2006)

St Joseph Tadcaster (2017)

St Joseph, Bishop Thornton (Dec 2008)

St Joseph, Bishop Thornton (June 2012)

St Joseph, Bishop Thornton (Nov 2005)

St Joseph, Harrogate (Jan 2007)

St Joseph, Harrogate (May 2015)

St Joseph, Harrogate(Feb 2010)

St Joseph, Tadcaster (Jan 2007)

St Joseph, Tadcaster (Oct 2012)

St Joseph, Tadcaster(May 2010)

St Mary Knaresborough (2017)

St Mary Selby (2017)

St Mary, Knaresborough (March 2012)

St Mary, Knaresborough (May 2006)

St Mary, Knaresborough (May 2009)

St Mary, Selby (Feb 2011)

St Mary, Selby (March 2008)

St Mary, Selby (Nov 2012)

St Marys, Knaresborough (March 2017)

St Robert, Harrogate (April 2006)

St Robert, Harrogate (July 2014)

St Robert, Harrogate (June 2009)

St Stephen, Skipton (Oct 2008)

St Stephen, Skipton (Oct 2012)

St Wilfrid, Ripon (June 2006)

St Wilfrid, Ripon (June 2009)

St Wilfrid, Ripon (June 2014)

English Martyrs (2018)

English Martyrs (Jan 2013)

English Martyrs (Oct 2007)

English Martyrs(July 2010)

Holy Family & St Michael Pontefract (June 2011)

Holy Family and St Michael, Pontefract (Nov 2007)

Holy family and St Michaels, Pontefract (June 2016)

Sacred Heart, Hemsworth (March 2007)

Sacred Heart, Hemsworth (May 2010)

Sacred Heart, Hemsworth (Oct 2013)

St Austin (Nov 2010)

St Austin (Oct 2008)

St Austins (Nov 2015)

St Ignatius, Ossett (July 2013)

St Ignatius, Ossett (Nov 2010)

St Ignatius, Ossett (Oct 2007)

St John the Baptist Normanton (2017)

St John the Baptist, Normanton (Feb 2007)

St John the Baptist, Normanton (July 2012)

St Joseph Castleford (Dec 2011)

St Joseph Pontefract (2017)

St Joseph, Castleford (July 2009)

St Joseph, Castleford (March 2006)

St Joseph, Moorthorpe (Jan 2015)

St Joseph, Moorthorpe (June 2009)

St Joseph, Moorthorpe (March 2006)

St Joseph, Moorthorpe (March 2012)

St Joseph, Pontefract (April 2012)

St Joseph, Pontefract (June 2007)

St Josephs, Castleford (March 2017)

St Thomas a Becket College (Sept 2012)

St Thomas a Becket Comprehensive (May 2007)

St Thomas a Becket Wakefield (2017)

St Wilfrid Featherstone (2017)

St Wilfrid High, Featherstone (April 2012)

St Wilfrid High, Featherstone (May 2007)


The Ofsted Section 5 Reports can be accessed through Ofsted at:

To view PDF documents you need to have the Adobe Reader - click here to download.