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Parents and Carers

Parents and Carers

Every Day Counts...

The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 currently allow Headteachers to grant leave of absence for the purpose of a family holiday during term time in 'special circumstances' of up to ten school days per year.

However, recent amendments to the 2006 Regulations now remove references to family holiday and extended leave, as well as the statutory threshold of ten school days.

The amendments make clear that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Furthermore, Headteachers should determine the number of school days a child can be away from school if leave is granted. In order to avoid any confusion on this matter, we urge parents not to request taking holidays during term time. In the event that you feel that your circumstances are exceptional, please contact the Headteacher of your children's school

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