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On the stage with Nick were former St Mary’s, Menston, pupils, Simon Rix and Nick Baines, who were recognised by their peers in the music industry with three top awards for Best British Group, Best Live Act, and Best Rock Act.

It as the culmination of years of hard work for the band, who all come from Leeds, and the three who have been together musically since they were eleven.

And back home in Menston staff and pupils St Mary’s School were thrilled that the band had collected so many awards in front of their rock peers.

“It was a terrific and fantastic night for Nick and for us,” said a justifiably proud Ken, just back from London.

“When they started I used to ferry them around in my Range Rover and they played some pretty grotty places I can tell you. This success has been hard earned and is fully deserved,” he said.

With wife, Judith, Ken had top seats on a table of ten surrounded by friends determined to enjoy the night whatever happened.

“It was fantastic enough they were nominated and they were thrilled by that, but when they went up not once, but three times, it was magnificent,” he said.

“We didn’t get chance to speak to them until after the awards ceremony at a party at the Café Royal later that night. Nick and all the boys were just thrilled,” he said.

“The great thing about them is they aren’t one night wonders because they have played together for years and persevered because they believed in themselves. That has helped keep them together when things were tough and it will stand them in good stead now,” he added.

And Ken admitted he had enjoyed rubbing shoulders with the rest of the rock glitterati at Earl’s Court.

“There were lots of people there that I recognised but couldn’t put a name to,” he admitted. “But it was a great night.”

Meanwhile at St Mary’s, assistant head, David Geldard, spoke for everyone when he said the whole school was beaming with pride for the Kaiser Chiefs.

“I remember them as 11 year olds who were mad for Leeds United and even now when Simon Rix is back home I see him at Mass, where he played very recently in the church band,” he said.

“It is so inspirational to other pupils that the three have made it in music, particularly now that in addition to being a specialist sports college we have music as our second speciality,” he added.

“For the existing pupils to think they could achieve what the Kaiser Chiefs have done is fantastic to them and helps motivate and encourage them,” he said.

“And when I have spoken to people the lads knew as boys they tell me that they haven’t changed at all. They are the same three boys who loved Leeds United, were close to their families and have kept their feet firmly on the ground,” he added.


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